The Archaeology Workbook

Fills a significant gap in the training of archaeologists by supplying a set of inventive, often witty, fictionalized problems in archaeological research.

The Archaeology Workbook

Steve Daniels and Nicholas David. Foreword by Kent Flannery

1982 | 128 pages | Paper $29.95
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Table of Contents

Foreword, by Kent Flannery
A Preface for Instructors
An Introduction for Students

1. Falasia (Southern Africa)
—A Student's Answer with Instructor's Comments
—An Instructor's Answer with Comments
2. The Hacienda Plain (Mesoamerica)
3. The Island of Coolay (North Atlantic Ocean)
4. The Kara Kavan (Central Asia)
5. Petristan (India)
6. The Sierra de la Serenidad Complex (South America)
7. The Adar Abu (Sahara Desert)
8. The Pitts River Basin and the Wulluweela Range
9. Uhuru (East Africa)
10. The Lon Gon Brinzes (Southeast Asia)
11. The Kurgans of Nalevo (Southern USSR)
12. The Cemetery of Bilj (Balkan Europe)
13. Indians and Europeans in Early Colonial New Frisia (USA)

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