Hopeful Journeys

"The first comprehensive history of the settlement of Germans in the 1700s and how they influenced the economy, politics, and ways of life in the New World."—Pennsylvania

Hopeful Journeys
German Immigration, Settlement, and Political Culture in Colonial America, 1717-1775

Aaron Spencer Fogleman

1996 | 272 pages | Cloth $34.95 | Paper $29.95
American History
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Table of Contents

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Introduction: An Immigrant Society

Ch. 1. A Changing World and the Lure from Abroad
—Recovery and Reconstruction
—Demographic Pressure, Scarcity, and Emigration

Ch. 2. Peasant Communities and Peasant Migrations
—The Case of the Northern Kraichgau
—Aristocratic Resurgence and Peasant Resistance
—Village Boundaries and Overcrowding
—Family and Village Migrations

Ch. 3. Community, Settlement, and Mobility in Greater Pennsylvania
—Ethnic Settlements
—The Role of the Church
—Stable Ethnics

Ch. 4. The Radical Pietist Alternative
—Radical Pietist Migrations
—The Case of the Moravians
—Migration and the Moravian Community

Ch. 5. Germans in the Streets: The Development of German Political Culture in Pennsylvania
—Germans and Pennsylvania Politics
—Thomas Penn and the Germans
—German Political Interests
—Penn's New Policy and the German Response

Ch. 6. The Structuring of a Multiethnic Society

1. Methods and Sources Used for Demographic Calculations in the Thirteen Colonies
2. Volume and Timing of Legal Emigrations from Southwest Germany, 1687-1804
3. Statistics for the Fifty-three Parishes Making Up the Northern Kraichgau Cohort of Emigrants to Pennsylvania, 1717-1775
4. European Origins of German-Speaking, Radical Pietist Immigrants in Colonial America
5. German-Speaking Immigrants Eligible for Naturalization

Index of Immigrants and Villagers
General Index