A History of Old English Meter

A History of Old English Meter

R. D. Fulk

1992 | 496 pages | Cloth $69.95
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Table of Contents


I. West Germanic Parasiting
II. Contraction
III. Contraction in Negated Verbs and Indefinite Pronouns
IV. Compensatory Lengthening upon Loss of h
V. Analogical Lengthening in Diphthongal Stems
VI. Kaluza's Law
VII. Changes in Ictus at the Tertiary Level
VIII. Ictus and Resolution in Nonfinal Position
IX. Miscellaneous Proposed Chronological Variables
X. Late Developments
XI. Syncopated Endings of Long-Stemmed Verbs and other Presumed Indicators of Dialect Origins
Conclusion: Relative and Absolute Dating

Appendix A. Chronology and Dialect in the Remaining Longer Poems
Appendix B. The Date of the Battle of Maldon
Appendix C. Long and Short Inflectional Syllables
Appendix D. Dating the Early Bede Manuscripts
Index of Words
Index of Verses
Index of Authorities
Index of Subjects