Looks not only at the financial, emotional, and physical demands of giving and receiving care but also at the strengths and rewards inherent in the world of caregiving.

Readings in Knowledge, Practice, Ethics, and Politics

Edited by Suzanne Gordon, Patricia Benner, and Nel Noddings

1996 | 332 pages | Paper $29.95
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Table of Contents


1. In the Gloaming
—Alice Elliott Dark
2. The Cared-For
—Nel Noddings
3. Caring Practice
—Patricia Benner, Suzanne Gordon
4. Caring: A Negotiated Process That Varies
—Barbara Tarlow
5. Facing Up to Moral Perils: The Virtues of Care in Bioethics
—Alisa L. Carse
6. The Heather Blazing
—Colm Toibin
7. Mothering as a Practice
—Victoria Wynn Leonard
8. Nursing Loved Ones with AIDS: Knowledge Development for Ethical Practice
—Richard MacIntyre
9. Hearing the Whole Story
—Jeannie Chaisson
10. The Caring Professional
—Nel Noddings
11. Ella
—Suzanne Gordon
12. Two Stories of Caring in Teaching
—James G. Henderson
13. The Phenomenology of Knowing the Patient
—Christine A. Tanner, Patricia Benner, Catherine Chesla, Deborah Gordon
14. Money Managers Are Unraveling the Tapestry of Nursing
—Ellen D. Baer, Suzanne Gordon
15. The Rationality of Caring
—Kari Waerness
16. Feminism and Caring
—Suzanne Gordon
17. The Mormon Caregiving Network
—Judith Dushku
18. Let Me Take a Listen to Your Heart
—Rita Charon

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