Teaching in America

In this volume, the reader is given an incisive and invaluable view of some of the key problems and important achievements of the teaching profession in America.

Teaching in America
Forty-third Annual Schoolmen's Week Proceedings

Edited by Frederick C. Gruber

1956 | 248 pages | Cloth $79.95
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Table of Contents

Our Schools Face the World Today
—Helen C. Bailey
In Search of Teachers
—Pearl S. Buck

A Child's Eye View of the Teacher\
—James L. Hymes, Jr.
How Effectively Are We Teaching the Fundamentals?
—Harold R. W. Benjamin
Moral and Ethical Values in the Education of Children
—Harald Flensmark
Individualized Reading
—Laura Zirbes
Summary of Reading in the Content Fields
—Guy L. Bond
Educational Problems and Their Solutions in a Special Center for Retarded Children
—Esther B. Agensky
The Physical Education Teacher's Responsibility for the Retarded Child
—John H. Jenny
Planning for Children in a Half-Day Session
—Bernice Baxter

Can the Secondary Schools Meet the Needs of Industry
—Charles M. Cooper
The Significance of Believing—for Counselors
—Ruth E. Smalley
Shakespeare in the Senior High School
—Mona C. Creer
A Geographic Reconnaissance of Greenland
—Donn K. Haglund
Some German Contributions to Western Literature
—Werner P. Friederich
Creative Dramatics
—Mabel C. Wright Henry
Developing an Instructional Program for the Modern Junior High School
—Arthur C. Kelley

The Real and the Unreal in School and Community Relations
—Arthur H. Rice
The Administrator and the School Staff
—John H. Fischer
Administration and Supervision of the Junior High School
—James S. Snoke
Human Relations Techniques for School Administrators
—Richard Wynn
Health Education Facilities in the School Plant Picture
—Harry W. Stone
Is It Time to Re-evaluate Your Testing Program?
—Harold Seashore
How Elementary Teachers Can Get the Most from Standardized Test Scores
—William E. Coffman
Comparison of College Achievement of Public and Private School Graduates, Freshman Year in College
—Kenneth F. Schrepfer
Evaluating an Educational Program in Terms of the General Objectives
—James F. Shonkweiler