Learning from Disaster

Learning from Disaster
Risk Management After Bhopal

Edited by Shelia Jasanoff

1994 | 336 pages | Cloth $79.95 | Paper $26.50
Law | Business | Technology and Engineering
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Table of Contents


1. Introduction: Learning from Disaster
2. The Restructuring of Union Carbide
3. Legal and Political Repercussions in India
4. Industrial Risk Management in India Since Bhopal
5. Citizen Participation in Environmental Policy Making
6. Disaster Prevention in Europe
7. The Transnational Traffic in Legal Remedies
8. Bad Arithmetic: Disaster Litigation as Less Than the Sum of Its Parts
9. Toxic Politics and Pollution Victims in the Third World
10. Information and Disaster Prevention
11. The Capacity of International Institutions to Manage Bhopal-like Problems
12. Societal Contradictions and Industrial Crises