Beyond the Red Notebook

The novels of Paul Auster have captured the imagination of readers and the admiration of many critics of contemporary literature. In Beyond the Red Notebook, the first book devoted to the works of Auster, an international group of scholars provide a rich and insightful examination of Auster's writings.

Beyond the Red Notebook
Essays on Paul Auster

Edited by Dennis Barone

1995 | 224 pages | Cloth $39.95 | Paper $24.95
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Table of Contents

Introduction: Paul Auster and the Postmodern American Novel

Paul Auster, or The Heir Intestate
Paul Auster's Pseudonymous World
In the Realm of the Naked Eye: The Poetry of Paul Auster
"The Hunger Must Be Preserved at All Cost": A Reading of The Invention of Solitude
The Detective and the Author: City of Glass
Auster's Sublime Closure: The Locked Room
"Looking for Signs in the Air": Urban Space and the Postmodern in In the Country of Last Things
Inside Moon Palace
The Music of Chance: Aleatorical (Dis)harmonies Within "The City of the World"
Leviathan: Post Hoc Harmonies
A Look Back from the Horizon
Being Paul Auster's Ghost

Paul Auster: A Selected Bibliography