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In addition to the new hardcover and ebook releases, the Penn Press spring 2016 list includes many first-time paperbacks, among them books by Paula Deitz, James J. Gigantino, Gregory L. Heller, Zachary Lesser, Patricia Cox Miller, Simon P. Newman, Jean R. Soderlund, and Timothy R. White.


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Titles from the Penn Press catalog, grouped by title.


Gondos/Rhoads, J. Franklin Jameson and the Birth of the National Archives, 1906-1926 (eb Feb 2016)

Rowley, J. Russell Smith: Geographer, Educator, and Conservationist (eb Feb 2016)

Luyben, James Bridie: Clown and Philosopher (eb Feb 2016)

Nixon, James Burd: Frontier Defender, 1726-1793 (eb Feb 2016)

Musser, James Nelson Barker, 1784-1858: With a Reprint of His Comedy "Tears and Smiles" (eb Feb 2016)

Sulloway, Jane Austen and the Province of Womanhood (eb Feb 2016)

Grodinsky, Jay Gould: His Business Career, 1867-1892 (eb Feb 2016)

La Sale/Krueger, Jean de Saintré: A Late Medieval Education in Love and Chivalry (hc 2014, eb 2014)

Scruggs/VanDemarr, Jean Toomer and the Terrors of American History (eb Feb 2016)

Dreiser/West, Jennie Gerhardt (pb 2006, eb 2014)

Brigance, Jeremiah Sullivan Black: A Defender of the Constitution and the Ten Commandments (eb Feb 2016)

Neuman, Jeremiah's Scribes: Creating Sermon Literature in Puritan New England (hc 2013, eb 2013)

Robinson, Jessie Taft, Therapist and Social Work Educator: A Professional Biography (eb Feb 2016)

Fogleman, Jesus Is Female: Moravians and Radical Religion in Early America (pb 2008, eb 2014)

Dohrmann/Stern, Jewish Biblical Interpretation and Cultural Exchange: Comparative Exegesis in Context (hc 2008, eb 2013)

Trachtenberg/Idel, Jewish Magic and Superstition: A Study in Folk Religion (pb 2004, eb 2012)

Goluboff, Jewish Russians: Upheavals in a Moscow Synagogue (pb 2002, eb 2012)

Boustan/Kosansky, Jewish Studies at the Crossroads of Anthropology and History: Authority, Diaspora, Tradition (hc 2011, eb 2011)

Dohrmann/Reed, Jews, Christians, and the Roman Empire: The Poetics of Power in Late Antiquity (hc 2013, eb 2013)

Helgerson, Joachim du Bellay: "The Regrets," with "The Antiquities of Rome," Three Latin Elegies, and "The Defense and Enrichment of the French Language." A Bilingual Edition (hc 2006)

Klein, Johann Conrad Beissel: Mystic and Martinet, 1690-1768 (eb Feb 2016)

Gaul/Eiseman, John Alfred Brashear: Scientist and Humanitarian, 1840-1920 (eb Feb 2016)

Earnest, John and William Bartram: Botanists and Explorers, 1699-1777, 1739-1823 (eb Feb 2016)

Goldman, John Bach McMaster: American Historian (eb Feb 2016)

Tobin, John Barth and the Anxiety of Continuance (eb Feb 2016)

Winstead, John Capgrave's Fifteenth Century (hc 2006, eb 2013)

Winkelman, John G. Johnson: Lawyer and Art Collector, 1841-1917 (eb Feb 2016)

Romaine-Davis, John Gibbon and His Heart-Lung Machine (eb Feb 2016)

Winship, John Gutenberg: A Lecture at the University of Pennsylvania ( 1941)

Bell, John Morgan: Continental Doctor (eb Feb 2016)

Oeste, John Randolph Clay: America's First Career Diplomat (eb Feb 2016)

Tinkcom, John White Geary: Soldier-Statesrnan, 1819-1873 (eb Feb 2016)

Fleming, John William Draper and the Religion of Science (eb Feb 2016)

Plank, John Woolman's Path to the Peaceable Kingdom: A Quaker in the British Empire (hc 2012, eb 2012)

Chiera, Joint Expedition with the Iraq Museum at Nuzi: Mixed Texts (eb Feb 2016)

Chiera, Joint Expedition with the Iraq Museum at Nuzi: Proceedings in Court (eb Feb 2016)

Kaser, Joseph Charles: Printer in the Western Country (eb Feb 2016)

Konkle, Joseph Hopkinson, 1770-1842: Jurist, Scholar, Inspirer of the Arts (eb Feb 2016)

Peckham, Josiah Gilbert Holland in Relation to His Times (eb Feb 2016)

Du Roi/Epping, Journal of Du Roi the Elder: Lieutenant and Adjutant in the Service of the Duke of Brunswick, 1776-1778 (eb Feb 2016)

Wessel, Journal of Social Work Process, Volume 17 (eb Feb 2016)

Brigham, Journals and Journeymen: A Contribution to the History of Early American Newspapers (eb Feb 2016)

Kessler/Nirenberg, Judaism and Christian Art: Aesthetic Anxieties from the Catacombs to Colonialism (pb 2013, eb 2012)

Armistead/Silverman, Judeo-Spanish Ballads from Bosnia (eb Feb 2016)

Baxter, The Jana Sangh: A Biography of an Indian Political Party (eb Feb 2016)

Watanabe/Benfey, The Japanese and Western Science (eb Feb 2016)

Conroy, The Japanese Seizure of Korea, 1868-1910: A Study of Realism and Idealism in International Relations (eb Feb 2016)

Vantoch, The Jet Sex: Airline Stewardesses and the Making of an American Icon (hc 2013, eb 2013)

Katz, The Jew in the Art of the Italian Renaissance (hc 2008)

Feiner/Naor, The Jewish Enlightenment (pb 2011, eb 2011)

Bartal/Naor, The Jews of Eastern Europe, 1772-1881 (pb 2006, eb 2011)

Morris, The Justification of the Law (eb Feb 2016)

Reifen, The Juvenile Court in a Changing Society: Young Offenders in Israel (hc 1973)

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