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In addition to the new hardcover and ebook releases, the Penn Press fall 2016 list includes many first-time paperbacks, among them books by Maurizio Albahari, Elisheva Baumgarten, Doron Ben-Atar and Richard Brown, George Demacopoulos, Lynne Enterline, Kathleen Donegan, Daniel Richter, and E. R. Truitt.


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Titles from the Penn Press catalog, grouped by title.


Lightwood, A Selected Bibliography of Significant Works About Adam Smith (eb Feb 2016)

Langman, A Selected Guide to the Literature of the Flowering Plants of Mexico (eb Feb 2016)

Fitzgerald, A Sixth-Century Monastery at Beth-Shan (Scythopolis) (hc 1939)

Trubek, A Skeptic's Guide to Writers' Houses (hc 2010, eb 2011)

Alter, A Sociosemiotic Theory of Theatre (eb Feb 2016)

Helgerson, A Sonnet from Carthage: Garcilaso de la Vega and the New Poetry of Sixteenth-Century Europe (hc 2007, eb 2015)

Stuard, A State of Deference: Ragusa / Dubrovnik in the Medieval Centuries (eb Feb 2016)

Bowman, A Statistical Study of Profits (eb Feb 2016)

Murray, A Study of Cyril Tourneur (eb Feb 2016)

Swindler, A Study of the Cranial and Skeletal Material Excavated at Nippur (eb Feb 2016)

Lobel, A Sufi-Jewish Dialogue: Philosophy and Mysticism in Bahya ibn Paquda's "Duties of the Heart" (hc 2006, eb 2013)

Herman, A Surgeon Thinks It Over: An Autobiography (eb Feb 2016)

Coon, Sacred Fictions: Holy Women and Hagiography in Late Antiquity (hc 1997, eb 2010)

Juster, Sacred Violence in Early America (hc May 2016, eb May 2016)

Rogers, Salt Glazing (hc 2002)

Büttner/Dolan, Samuel Beckett's Novel "Watt": A Psychological Inquiry (eb Feb 2016)

Cooledge, Samuel Sloan: Architect of Philadelphia, 1815-1884 (eb Feb 2016)

Cohen, Sanctifying the Name of God: Jewish Martyrs and Jewish Memories of the First Crusade (pb 2006, eb 2013)

Wharton, Sanctuary (pb 2001, eb 2014)

Davenport, Santa Cruz Island Figure Sculpture and Its Social and Ritual Contexts (hc 2005, eb 2011)

Maček, Sarajevo Under Siege: Anthropology in Wartime (hc 2009, pb 2011)

Guilhamet, Satire and the Transformation of Genre (eb Feb 2016)

Pifer, Saul Bellow Against the Grain (pb 1991)

Burrus, Saving Shame: Martyrs, Saints, and Other Abject Subjects (hc 2007, eb 2013)

Carson, Savings and Employee Savings Plans in Philadelphia: An Analysis of Savings and Types of Plans to Encourage Savinas and Thrift among Employees of Industrial Firms in Philadelphia (eb Feb 2016)

Nelson, Say Little, Do Much: Nursing, Nuns, and Hospitals in the Nineteenth Century (hc 2001, pb 2003, eb 2010)

Salloum/Salloum, Scheherazade's Feasts: Foods of the Medieval Arab World (hc 2013)

Kostka, Schiller in Russian Literature (eb Feb 2016)

Hovenkamp, Science and Religion in America, 1800-1860 (eb Feb 2016)

Bacon-Smith, Science Fiction Culture (pb 1999)

Claude, Science in the Service of Human Rights (hc 2002, pb 2011)

Firth/Black, Science, Language, and Human Rights (eb Feb 2016)

Yadin-Israel, Scripture and Tradition: Rabbi Akiva and the Triumph of Midrash (hc 2014, eb 2014)

Yadin, Scripture as Logos: Rabbi Ishmael and the Origins of Midrash (hc 2004, eb 2013)

Rawson, Sculpture (eb Feb 2016)

Burns, Sea of Silk: A Textile Geography of Women's Work in Medieval French Literature (hc 2009, eb 2014)

Bender/Angell, Sea-Brothers: The Tradition of American Sea Fiction from Moby-Dick to the Present (pb 1990, eb 2015)

Purcell, Sealed with Blood: War, Sacrifice, and Memory in Revolutionary America (pb 2010, eb 2010)

Freimuth/Stein, Searching for Health Information: The Cancer Information Service Model (eb Feb 2016)

Abramowitz, Searching for Normal in the Wake of the Liberian War (hc 2014, eb 2014)

Bursk, Seasonal Variations in Employment in Manufacturing Industries: A Statistical Study Based on Census Data (eb Feb 2016)

Donegan, Seasons of Misery: Catastrophe and Colonial Settlement in Early America (hc 2013, eb 2013)

Knight, Secular and Cyclical Movement in the Production and Price of Copper (eb Feb 2016)

Joskowicz/Katz, Secularism in Question: Jews and Judaism in Modern Times (hc 2015, eb 2015)

Ochs, Security and Suspicion: An Ethnography of Everyday Life in Israel (hc 2011, pb 2013, eb 2011)

Hessinger, Seduced, Abandoned, and Reborn: Visions of Youth in Middle-Class America, 1780-1850 (hc 2005, eb 2013)

Stanbury, Seeing the Gawain-Poet: Description and the Act of Perception (eb Feb 2016)

Lutz, Selected Sumerian and Babylonian Texts (eb Feb 2016)

Skinner, Self and the World: The Religious Philosophy of Richard Kroner (eb Feb 2016)

Schorman, Selling Style: Clothing and Social Change at the Turn of the Century (hc 2003)

Belmonte, Selling the American Way: U.S. Propaganda and the Cold War (pb 2010, eb 2013)

Kingston, Semiconductor Surface Physics (eb Feb 2016)

Barton, Semitic and Hamitic Origins: Social and Religious (eb Feb 2016)

Helms, Seneca by Candlelight and Other Stories of Renaissance Drama (eb Feb 2016)

Dennis, Seneca Possessed: Indians, Witchcraft, and Power in the Early American Republic (pb 2011, eb 2012)

Harvey, Sensible Flesh: On Touch in Early Modern Culture (hc 2002, pb 2002)

Stoller, Sensuous Scholarship (pb 1997, eb 2010)

Camfield, Sentimental Twain: Samuel Clemens in the Maze of Moral Philosophy (eb Feb 2016)

Benson/Biljana Sljivic-Simsic, Serbocroatian-English Dictionary (eb Feb 2016)

Franklin, Serious Play: The Cultural Form of the Nineteenth-Century Realist Novel (eb Feb 2016)

Ashmore, Settlement Archaeology at Quiriguá, Guatemala (hc 2007, eb 2013)

Mibenge, Sex and International Tribunals: The Erasure of Gender from the War Narrative (hc 2013, eb 2013)

Majic, Sex Work Politics: From Protest to Service Provision (hc 2013, eb 2013)

DiGangi, Sexual Types: Embodiment, Agency, and Dramatic Character from Shakespeare to Shirley (hc 2011, eb 2011)

Heineman, Sexual Violence in Conflict Zones: From the Ancient World to the Era of Human Rights (hc 2011, pb 2013, eb 2011)

Iyengar, Shades of Difference: Mythologies of Skin Color in Early Modern England (hc 2004, eb 2013)

Schelling, Shakespeare and "Demi-Science": Papers on Elizabethan Topics (eb Feb 2016)

Schelling, Shakespeare Biography and Other Papers, Chiefly Elizabethan (eb Feb 2016)

Korda, Shakespeare's Domestic Economies: Gender and Property in Early Modern England (hc 2002, eb 2012)

Halpern, Shakespeare's Perfume: Sodomy and Sublimity in the Sonnets, Wilde, Freud, and Lacan (hc 2002, eb Dec 2015)

Enterline, Shakespeare's Schoolroom: Rhetoric, Discipline, Emotion (hc 2011, eb 2012)

Thomas, Shakespeare's Shrine: The Bard's Birthplace and the Invention of Stratford-upon-Avon (pb 2015, eb 2012)

Straznicky, Shakespeare's Stationers: Studies in Cultural Bibliography (hc 2012, eb 2012)

Trigg, Shame and Honor: A Vulgar History of the Order of the Garter (hc 2012, pb 2015, eb 2012)

Bruckner, Shaping Romance: Interpretation, Truth, and Closure in Twelfth-Century French Fictions (hc 1993, eb 2015)

Wachter/Ding, Shared Prosperity in America's Communities (hc Jan 2016, eb Jan 2016)

Phelps, Shattered Voices: Language, Violence, and the Work of Truth Commissions (hc 2004, pb 2006, eb 2010)

Richards, Shays's Rebellion: The American Revolution's Final Battle (pb 2003, eb 2014)

Desjarlais, Shelter Blues: Sanity and Selfhood Among the Homeless (pb 1997, eb 2011)

Friend, Short Stories of Yashpal, Author and Patriot (eb Feb 2016)

Eggert, Showing Like a Queen: Female Authority and Literary Experiment in Spenser, Shakespeare, and Milton (hc 1999, eb 2015)

Smith, Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired: Black Women's Health Activism in America, 1890-1950 (pb 1995, eb 2010)

Harris, Sick Economies: Drama, Mercantilism, and Disease in Shakespeare's England (hc 2003, eb 2013)

Taylor, Significant Post-War Changes in the Full-Fashioned Hosiery Industry (eb Feb 2016)

Bradley, Simon Cameron, Lincoln's Secretary of War: A Political Biography (eb Feb 2016)

Swee-Hock, Singapore Population in Transition (eb Feb 2016)

Allen, Singing in the Spirit: African-American Sacred Quartets in New York City (eb Feb 2016)

Blackburn, Singing of Birth and Death: Texts in Performance (eb Feb 2016)

Zieman, Singing the New Song: Literacy and Liturgy in Late Medieval England (hc 2008, eb 2013)

Bennett/Froide, Singlewomen in the European Past, 1250-1800 (pb 1998, eb 2013)

Doonan, Sinop Landscapes: Exploring Connection in a Black Sea Hinterland (hc 2004, eb 2011)

Harbage, Sir William Davenant: Poet Venturer, 1606-1668 (eb Feb 2016)

Dreiser/West, Sister Carrie: The Pennsylvania Edition, r/e (pb 1998, eb 2015)

Dreiser/Berkey, Sister Carrie: The Pennsylvania Edition (eb Feb 2016)

Van Engen, Sisters and Brothers of the Common Life: The Devotio Moderna and the World of the Later Middle Ages (pb 2014, eb 2013)

Hunt/Walker, Site, Sight, Insight: Essays on Landscape Architecture (hc Apr 2016, eb Apr 2016)

Oakley/Oakley, Six Historic Homesteads (eb Feb 2016)

Shaaber, Sixteenth-Century Imprints in the Libraries of the University of Pennsylvania (eb Feb 2016)

Reid, Skipper from Leith: The History of Robert Barton of Over Barnton (eb Feb 2016)

Flowers, Skyscraper: The Politics and Power of Building New York City in the Twentieth Century (hc 2009, eb 2012)

Drake, Slandering the Jew: Sexuality and Difference in Early Christian Texts (hc 2013, eb 2013)

Riley, Slavery and the Democratic Conscience: Political Life in Jeffersonian America (hc Dec 2015, eb 2015)

Lee, Slavery and the Romantic Imagination (pb 2004, eb 2011)

Phillips, Slavery in Medieval and Early Modern Iberia (hc 2013, eb 2013)

Salafia, Slavery's Borderland: Freedom and Bondage Along the Ohio River (hc 2013, eb 2013)

Guasco, Slaves and Englishmen: Human Bondage in the Early Modern Atlantic World (hc 2014, eb 2014)

Wardell, Slipcasting, 2/e (pb 2007)

Birch/Wachter, Slums: How Informal Real Estate Markets Work (hc Mar 2016, eb Mar 2016)

Schneider, Smack: Heroin and the American City (pb 2011, eb 2013)

Eckhardt, So Bravely and So Well: The Life and Art of William T. Trego (hc 2011)

Yale, Sociable Knowledge: Natural History and the Nation in Early Modern Britain (hc Jan 2016, eb Jan 2016)

Hurff, Social Aspects of Enterprise in the Large Corporation (eb Feb 2016)

Bershady, Social Class and Democratic Leadership: Essays in Honor of E. Digby Baltzell (eb Feb 2016)

Spiller, Social Control in a Free Society (eb Feb 2016)

Hayden, Social Courts in Theory and Practice: Yugoslav Workers' Courts in Comparative Perspective (eb Feb 2016)

Hofstadter, Social Darwinism in American Thought, 1860-1915 (eb Feb 2016)

Ossowska, Social Determinants of Moral Ideas (eb Feb 2016)

Pray/Taft, "Social Work in a Revolutionary Age" and Other Papers (eb Dec 2015)

Labov, Sociolinguistic Patterns (pb 1973)

Tudball, Soda Glazing (pb 1995)

Hough/Athearn, Soldier in the West: The Civil War Letters of Alfred Lacey Hough (eb Feb 2016)

Redeker Hepner, Soldiers, Martyrs, Traitors, and Exiles: Political Conflict in Eritrea and the Diaspora (pb 2011)

McNulty, Some Economic Aspects of Business Organization (eb Feb 2016)

Shaaber, Some Forerunners of the Newspapers in England, 1476-1622 (eb Feb 2016)

Neisser, Some International Aspects of the Business Cycle (eb Feb 2016)

Blackwell/Goldberg, Some Spanish-American Poets (eb Feb 2016)

Boker/Bradley, Sonnets: A Sequence on Profane Love (eb Feb 2016)

Bates, Sophocles: Poet and Dramatist (eb Feb 2016)

Slavitt/Bovie, Sophocles, 1: Ajax, Women of Trachis, Electra, Philoctetes (pb 1998)

Slavitt/Bovie, Sophocles, 2: King Oedipus, Oedipus at Colonus, Antigone (pb 1998)

Dikaois, Sotira: A Neolithic Settlement in Cyprus (eb Feb 2016)

Graizbord, Souls in Dispute: Converso Identities in Iberia and the Jewish Diaspora, 1580-1700 (hc 2003, eb 2013)

Stamm, Sound Business: Newspapers, Radio, and the Politics of New Media (hc 2011, eb 2011)

Suisman/Strasser, Sound in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction (pb 2012, eb 2011)

Peterson, Sound, Space, and the City: Civic Performance in Downtown Los Angeles (hc 2010, pb 2012, eb 2012)

Pearson, Sounds So Good to Me: The Bluesman's Story (eb Dec 2015)

Watson, Sources of Law, Legal Change, and Ambiguity (pb 1998)

Hancock/Jaquette, South After Gettysburg: Letters of Cornelia Hancock from the Army of the Potomac, 1863-1865 (eb Feb 2016)

Ingham, Sovereign Fantasies: Arthurian Romance and the Making of Britain (hc 2001, eb 2015)

Zelitch, Soviet Administration of Criminal Law (eb Feb 2016)

Crawford, Spanish Drama Before Lope de Vega, 2/e (eb Feb 2016)

Bartels, Speaking of the Moor: From "Alcazar" to "Othello" (pb 2009, eb 2010)

Frilingos, Spectacles of Empire: Monsters, Martyrs, and the Book of Revelation (hc 2004, eb 2013)

Bartels, Spectacles of Strangeness: Imperialism, Alienation, and Marlowe (hc 1993, eb 2015)

Slater, Spectator Politics: Metatheatre and Performance in Aristophanes (hc 2002)

Dunning, Specters of Paul: Sexual Difference in Early Christian Thought (hc 2011, eb 2011)

Kirshenblatt-Gimblett, Speech Play: Research and Resources for the Study of Linguistic Creativity (eb Feb 2016)

Kaplan, Spirit Keepers of the North: Eskimos of Western Alaska (eb Feb 2016)

Trix, Spiritual Discourse: Learning with an Islamic Master (pb 1993)

Warren, Spiritual Economies: Female Monasticism in Later Medieval England (hc 2001, eb 2012)

Kessler, Spiritual Seeing: Picturing God's Invisibility in Medieval Art (hc 2000)

Marx-Wolf, Spiritual Taxonomies and Ritual Authority: Platonists, Priests, and Gnostics in the Third Century C.E. (hc Jan 2016, eb Jan 2016)

Kavadi/Southworth, Spoken Marathi, Book 1 (eb Feb 2016)

Yachnin, Stage-Wrights: Shakespeare, Jonson, Middleton, and the Making of Theatrical Value (hc 1997, eb 2015)

Koh, Stages of Industrial Development in Asia: A Comparative History of the Cotton Industry in Japan, India, China, and Korea (eb Feb 2016)

Liu, Standardizing Diversity: The Political Economy of Language Regimes (hc 2014, eb 2015)

Bühler/McManaway, Standards of Bibliographical Description (eb Feb 2016)

Smith, State Government in Transition: Reforms of the Leader Administration, 1955-1959 (eb Feb 2016)

McCahan, State Insurance in the United States (eb Feb 2016)

Krupa/Nugent, State Theory and Andean Politics: New Approaches to the Study of Rule (hc 2015, eb 2015)

Nackenoff/Novkov, Statebuilding from the Margins: Between Reconstruction and the New Deal (hc 2014, eb 2014)

Rice, Statistics in Social Studies (eb Feb 2016)

Wik, Steam Power on the American Farm (eb Feb 2016)

Elias, Stir It Up: Home Economics in American Culture (pb 2010)

Hewamanne, Stitching Identities in a Free Trade Zone: Gender and Politics in Sri Lanka (pb 2010, eb 2011)

Dewar, Stoneware (pb 2002)

Narayan, Storytellers, Saints, and Scoundrels: Folk Narrative in Hindu Religious Teaching (pb 1989, eb 2011)

Jacob, Strangers Nowhere in the World: The Rise of Cosmopolitanism in Early Modern Europe (hc 2006)

Goffman, Strategic Interaction (pb 1970)

Maranda/Maranda, Structural Analysis of Oral Tradition (eb Feb 2016)

Roaten, Structural Forms in the French Theater, 1500-1700 (eb Feb 2016)

Atkin/Rykwert, Structure and Meaning in Human Settlement (hc 2005)

Errington, Structure and Style in Javanese: A Semiotic View of Linguistic Etiquette (eb Feb 2016)

Lapin, Structuring the Journey to Work (eb Feb 2016)

Lewin, Studies in African Native Law (eb Feb 2016)

Wace/Neugebauer, Studies in Civilization (eb Feb 2016)

Mitchell, Studies in Economics and Industrial Relations (eb Feb 2016)

Leach, Studies in Medieval Literature: In Honor of Albert Croll Baugh (eb Feb 2016)

Barton, Studies in New Testament Christianity (eb Feb 2016)

Shih/Edwards, Studies in Political Science and Sociology (eb Feb 2016)

Blegen/Carpenter, Studies in the Arts and Architecture (eb Feb 2016)

Speiser/Neugebauer, Studies in the History of Science (eb Feb 2016)

Ousterhout, Studies on Istanbul and Beyond: The Freely Papers, Volume 1 (hc 2007)

Worth/Gross, Studying Visual Communication (eb Feb 2016)

Merwick, Stuyvesant Bound: An Essay on Loss Across Time (hc 2013, eb 2013)

Pulsipher, Subjects unto the Same King: Indians, English, and the Contest for Authority in Colonial New England (pb 2006, eb 2014)

Zettler, Subsistence and Settlement in a Marginal Environment: Tell Es-Sweyhat, 1989-1995 (hc 1997)

Cammann/Morrison, Substance and Symbol in Chinese Toggles: Chinese Belt Toggles from the C.F. Beiber Collection (eb Feb 2016)

Williams/Herman, Suburban Differences and Metropolitan Policies: A Philadelphia Story (eb Feb 2016)

Calabria/Macrae, Suggestions for Thought by Florence Nightingale: Selections and Commentaries (pb 1994, eb 2013)

Barton, Sumerian Business and Administrative Documents from the Earliest Times to the Dynasty of Agade (eb Feb 2016)

Langdon, Sumerian Epic of Paradise, the Flood, and the Fall of Man (eb Feb 2016)

Langdon, Sumerian Grammatical Texts (eb Feb 2016)

Langdon, Sumerian Liturgical Texts (eb Feb 2016)

Kramer, Sumerian Mythology, r/e (pb 1998)

Gordon, Sumerian Proverbs: Glimpses of Everyday Life in Ancient Mesopotamia (eb Feb 2016)

Shermer, Sunbelt Capitalism: Phoenix and the Transformation of American Politics (hc 2013, pb Sep 2015, eb 2013)

Nickerson/Dochuk, Sunbelt Rising: The Politics of Space, Place, and Region (hc 2011, pb 2014, eb 2013)

Stoudt/Tillich, Sunrise to Eternity: A Study in Jacob Boehme's Life and Thought (eb Feb 2016)

Marshall/Smith, Supreme Justice: Speeches and Writings (hc 2002)

Fedotoff White, Survival Through War and Revolution in Russia (eb Feb 2016)

Norris, Suspicious Readings of Joyce's "Dubliners" (hc 2003, eb 2010)

Miller/Moore, Sustainable Lifeways: Cultural Persistence in an Ever-Changing Environment (hc 2011, eb 2012)

Maccoby, Sweden at the Edge: Lessons for American and Swedish Managers (eb Feb 2016)

Schloss, Sweet Liberty: The Final Days of Slavery in Martinique (hc 2009, pb 2012, eb 2012)

Elias, Swift at Moor Park: Problems in Biography and Criticism (eb Feb 2016)

Nichols/Boyd, Syllabus for the Social and Economic History of the United States (eb Feb 2016)

Baumer/Zimbalist, The Sabermetric Revolution: Assessing the Growth of Analytics in Baseball (pb 2015, eb 2014)

Bahrs, The San Francisco Employers' Council (eb Feb 2016)

Juster/Braund, The Satires of Horace (pb 2012, eb 2012)

Bailey, The Saving Lie: Truth and Method in the Social Sciences (hc 2003, eb 2013)

Dobozy, The Saxon Mirror: A "Sachsenspiegel" of the Fourteenth Century (hc 1999, eb 2014)

Ratzlaff, The Scandinavian Unemployment Relief Program (eb Feb 2016)

du Maurier, The Scapegoat (pb 2000)

Dales, The Scientific Achievement of the Middle Ages (pb 1973, eb 2015)

Fogg, The Scientists Look at Our World (eb Feb 2016)

Leslie, The Script of Jonathan Swift and Other Essays (eb Feb 2016)

Beaulieu, The Sea in the Greek Imagination (hc 2015, eb 2015)

Oren, The Sea Peoples and Their World: A Reassessment (hc 2000, eb 2013)

Farber, The Search for an Alternative: Philosophical Perspectives of Subjectivism and Marxism (eb Feb 2016)

Kozodoy, The Secret Faith of Maestre Honoratus: Profayt Duran and Jewish Identity in Late Medieval Iberia (hc 2015, eb 2015)

Hodgson, The Secret Order of Assassins: The Struggle of the Early Nizârî Ismâî'lîs Against the Islamic World (pb 2005)

Stonehill, The Self-Conscious Novel: Artifice in Fiction from Joyce to Pynchon (eb Feb 2016)

Puleston, The Settlement Survey of Tikal: Tikal Report 13 (eb 2014)

Saler, The Settlers' Empire: Colonialism and State Formation in America's Old Northwest (hc 2014, eb 2014)

Corner, The Seven Ages of a Medical Scientist: An Autobiography (eb Feb 2016)

Burrus, The Sex Lives of Saints: An Erotics of Ancient Hagiography (pb 2007, eb 2010)

Hodgdon, The Shakespeare Trade: Performances and Appropriations (pb 1998)

Merwick, The Shame and the Sorrow: Dutch-Amerindian Encounters in New Netherland (pb 2013, eb 2013)

Cassanelli, The Shaping of Somali Society: Reconstructing the History of a Pastoral People, 1600-1900 (eb Feb 2016)

Hull, The Sheik (pb 2001, eb 2014)

Messent, The Short Works of Mark Twain: A Critical Study (hc 2001)

Kennedy, The Significance of Wage Uniformity (eb Feb 2016)

Trist/Murray, The Social Engagement of Social Science, Volume 1: A Tavistock Anthology: The Socio-Psychological Perspective (eb Dec 2015)

Trist/Murray, The Social Engagement of Social Science, Volume 2: A Tavistock Anthology—The Socio-Technical Perspective (eb Dec 2015)

Trist/Murray, The Social Engagement of Social Science, Volume 3: A Tavistock Anthology—The Socio-Ecological Perspective (eb Dec 2015)

Sankoff, The Social Life of Language (eb Feb 2016)

Cohen, The Social Lives of Poems in Nineteenth-Century America (hc 2015, eb 2015)

Sapir/Crocker, The Social Use of Metaphor: Essays on the Anthropology of Rhetoric (eb Feb 2016)

Sebell, The Socratic Turn: Knowledge of Good and Evil in an Age of Science (hc 2015, eb 2015)

Boulton, The Song in the Story: Lyric Insertions in French Narrative Fiction, 1200-1400 (eb Feb 2016)

Stillinger, The Song of Troilus: Lyric Authority in the Medieval Book (hc 1992, eb 2015)

Quinn, The Soul of America (eb Feb 2016)

Schoolcraft/Parker, The Sound the Stars Make Rushing Through the Sky: The Writings of Jane Johnston Schoolcraft (pb 2008)

Kushnareva/Michael, The Southern Caucasus in Prehistory: Stages of Cultural and Socioeconomic Development from the Eighth to the Second Millennium B.C. (hc 1997)

Weil, The Sovereign Citizen: Denaturalization and the Origins of the American Republic (pb 2012, eb 2012)

Marti, The Spanish College at Bologna in the Fourteenth Century (eb Feb 2016)

Rennert, The Spanish Pastoral Romances (eb Feb 2016)

Hanke, The Spanish Struggle for Justice in the Conquest of America (eb Feb 2016)

Wegner/Wegner, The Sphinx That Traveled to Philadelphia: The Story of the Colossal Sphinx in the Penn Museum (hc 2015, eb 2015)

Tedlock, The Spoken Word and the Work of Interpretation (pb 1983, eb 2011)

Shropshire, The Sports Franchise Game: Cities in Pursuit of Sports Franchises, Events, Stadiums, and Arenas (hc 1995, eb 2013)

Loucks, The Stabilization of Employment in Philadelphia through the Long-Range Planning of Municipal Improvement Projects (eb Feb 2016)

Fordham, The State Legislative Institution (eb Feb 2016)

Lee, The State of the Nation: Retrospect and Prospect (eb Feb 2016)

Stuempfle, The Steelband Movement: The Forging of a National Art in Trinidad and Tobago (pb 1996)

Longaker, The Stories of Ernest Dowson (eb Feb 2016)

Washington, The Story of the Negro (pb 2005, eb 2011)

Blumenfeld-Kosinski, The Strange Case of Ermine de Reims: A Medieval Woman Between Demons and Saints (hc 2015, eb 2015)

Pratt, The Strangers Book: The Human of African American Literature (hc 2015, eb 2015)

Snyder, The Strategic Defense Debate: Can "Star Wars" Make Us Safe? (eb Feb 2016)

Rosen/Rosenberg, The Structure of American Medical Practice, 1875-1941 (eb Feb 2016)

Clignet, The Structure of Artistic Revolutions (eb Feb 2016)

Marshall, The Structure of Byron's Major Poems (eb Feb 2016)

Handsaker/Handsaker, The Submission Agreement in Contract Arbitration (eb Feb 2016)

Trix, The Sufi Journey of Baba Rexheb (hc 2009, eb 2011)

Kautz/Melzer, The Supreme Court and the Idea of Constitutionalism (pb 2011, eb 2011)

Nurse/Spear, The Swahili: Reconstructing the History and Language of an African Society, 800-1500 (pb 1985)

Anderson, The Swedish Acceptance of American Literature (eb Feb 2016)

Ryan/Crabtree, The Symbolic Role of Animals in Archaeology (hc 1995)

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