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Complete Catalog: Life Sciences

Titles from the Penn Press catalog, grouped by subject.

Block/Rhoads, Aquatic Plants of Pennsylvania: A Complete Reference Guide (hc 2011, eb 2011)

Bossard/Boll, Family Situations: An Introduction to the Study of Child Behavior (hc 1943, eb 2016)

Botelho/Brooks, Exocrine Glands: Proceedings of a Satellite Symposium of the XXIV International Congress of Physiological Sciences (hc 1969, eb 2018)

Bragg/Smith, Gnomes of the Night: The Spadefoot Toads (hc 1965, eb 2016)

Briller/Conn, The Myocardial Cell: Structure, Function, and Modification by Cardiac Drugs (hc 1966, eb 2017)

Darwin/Peckham, The Origin of Species: A Variorum Text (pb 2006, eb 2010)

Erlanger/Gasser, Electrical Signs of Nervous Activity (hc 1937, eb 2016)

Erlanger/Gasser, Electrical Signs of Nervous Activity, 2/e (hc 1968, eb 2016)

Githens, Drug Plants of Africa (hc 1948, eb 2017)

Hill, Adventures in Biophysics (hc 1931, eb 2016)

Hoenigswald/Wiener, Biological Metaphor and Cladistic Classification: An Interdisciplinary Perspective (hc 1987, eb 2016)

Jennings, The Beginnings of Social Behavior in Unicellular Organisms (hc 1941, eb 2017)

Klide/Kung, Veterinary Acupuncture (pb 2002)

Pearsall/Piperno, Current Research in Phytolith Analysis: Applications in Archaeology and Paleoecology (hc 1993)

Rappole, Wildlife of the Mid-Atlantic: A Complete Reference Manual (pb 2012)

Reynolds/Folley, Lactogenesis: The Initiation of Milk Secretion at Parturition (hc 1969, eb 2016)

Rhoads/Block, Trees of Pennsylvania: A Complete Reference Guide (hc 2004)

Rhoads/Block, The Plants of Pennsylvania: An Illustrated Manual, 2/e (hc 2007)

Roth, Molecular Approaches to Supracellular Phenomena (hc 1990, eb 2016)

Schiebinger/Swan, Colonial Botany: Science, Commerce, and Politics in the Early Modern World (pb 2007, eb 2016)

Shryock, The Development of Modern Medicine: An Interpretation of the Social and Scientific Factors Involved (hc 1936, eb 2017)

Tourbier/Pierson, Biological Control of Water Pollution (hc 1976, eb 2016)

Zirkle, The Beginnings of Plant Hybridization (hc 1935, eb 2016)

Zirkle, Death of a Science in Russia: The Fate of Genetics as Described in "Pravda" and Elsewhere (hc 1949, eb 2016)

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