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In addition to the new hardcover and ebook releases, the Penn Press spring 2016 list includes many first-time paperbacks, among them books by Paula Deitz, James J. Gigantino, Gregory L. Heller, Zachary Lesser, Patricia Cox Miller, Simon P. Newman, Jean R. Soderlund, and Timothy R. White.


Complete Catalog: Studio Arts

Titles from the Penn Press catalog, grouped by subject.

Bailey, Oriental Glazes (pb 2004)

Bailey, Glazes Cone 6: 1240 C / 2264 F (pb 2001)

Beard, Resist and Masking Techniques (pb 1996)

Bray, Dictionary of Glass: Materials and Techniques, 2/e (hc 2001)

Carnegy, Maiolica (pb 2011)

Cohen, The Basics of Throwing: A Practical Approach to Form and Design (pb 2008)

Connell, Coloring Clay (pb 2007)

Cooper, Ten Thousand Years of Pottery, 4/e (hc 2000, pb 2010)

Cooper, The Potter's Book of Glaze Recipes, 2/e (hc 2004)

Coyle, Fashion, Circus, Spectacle: Photographs by Scott Heiser (hc 2014)

Creber, Crystalline Glazes, 2/e (pb 2005)

Cummings, Techniques of Kiln-formed Glass (hc 1997)

Cummings, Contemporary Kiln-formed Glass: A World Survey (hc 2009)

Daly, Lustre (pb 2011)

Dewar, Stoneware (pb 2002)

Finch, Kiln Construction: A Brick by Brick Approach (pb 2006)

Forrest, Natural Glazes: Collecting and Making (pb 2013)

Fraser, The Electric Kiln (pb 2000)

Gault, Paper Clay, 2/e (pb 2005)

Gault, Paperclay: Art and Practice (pb 2013)

Gregory, Alternative Kilns (pb 2005)

Hamer/Hamer, The Potter's Dictionary of Materials and Techniques, 5/e (hc 2004)

Hamer/Hamer, The Potter's Dictionary of Materials and Techniques, 6/e (hc 2015)

Hardy, Handbuilding (pb 2000)

Hardy, Coiling (pb 2006)

Heeney, Brickworks (hc 2003)

Hessenberg, The Complete Potter: Sawdust Firing (hc 1994)

Jernegan, Dry Glazes (pb 2009)

Lane, Contemporary Studio Porcelain, 2/e (hc 2003)

Mathieson, Techniques Using Slips (pb 2010)

Minogue/Sanderson, Wood-fired Ceramics: Contemporary Practices (hc 2000)

O'Rorke, Clay, Light, and Water (pb 2010)

Olsen, The Kiln Book, 4/e (pb 2011)

Ostermann, The New Maiolica: Contemporary Approaches to Color and Technique (hc 1999)

Ostermann, The Ceramic Surface (hc 2002)

Ostermann, The Ceramic Narrative (hc 2006)

Perryman, Naked Clay: Ceramics Without Glaze (pb 2008)

Petrie, Glass and Print (pb 2006)

Rawson/Higby, Ceramics (pb 1984, eb 2011)

Reijnders/European Ceramic Work Centre, The Ceramic Process: A Manual and Source of Inspiration for Ceramic Art and Design (hc 2005)

Rhode, Introducing Pottery: The Complete Guide (pb 2010)

Rogers, Throwing Pots (pb 2000)

Rogers, Salt Glazing (hc 2002)

Rogers, Ash Glazes, 2/e (hc 2003)

Schwartz, Confrontational Ceramics (hc 2008)

Scott, Ceramics and Print, 3/e (pb 2012)

Scott, Ceramics and Print, 2/e (pb 2002)

Singer, Textile Surface Decoration: Silk and Velvet (pb 2007)

Spiro, Latch-hooking Rugs (pb 2008)

Sutherland/Wood, Glazes from Natural Sources, 2/e (pb 2006)

Tannenbaum, Framing Fraktur: Pennsylvania German Material Culture and Contemporary Art (hc 2015)

Tudball, Soda Glazing (pb 1995)

Walsh, The Yarn Book (pb 2006)

Wardell, Slipcasting, 2/e (pb 2007)

Whyman, The Complete Potter: Porcelain (hc 1994)

Williams, Porcelain Repair and Restoration, 2/e (hc 2002)

Wood, Chinese Glazes: Their Origins, Chemistry, and Recreation (hc 1999, pb 2011)

Woodhead, The Teapot Book (hc 2005)

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