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The Penn Press list for fall 2018 includes hardcover releases, first-time paperbacks, and ebook editions intended for scholars, students, and serious general readers worldwide. Click here to explore our forthcoming books, grouped by subject area.


Current Season: American History, American Studies

New and forthcoming titles from the Penn Press current seasonal catalog.

Arista, The Kingdom and the Republic: Sovereign Hawai'i and the Early United States (hc Dec 2018, eb Dec 2018)

Attewell, People Must Live by Work: Direct Job Creation in America, from FDR to Reagan (hc Jul 2018, eb Jul 2018)

Badger, Albert Gore, Sr.: A Political Life (hc Nov 2018, eb Nov 2018)

Balogh, The Associational State: American Governance in the Twentieth Century (hc 2015, pb Aug 2018, eb 2015)

Bennett, African Kings and Black Slaves: Sovereignty and Dispossession in the Early Modern Atlantic (hc Oct 2018, eb Oct 2018)

Bjork, Prairie Imperialists: The Indian Country Origins of American Empire (hc Dec 2018, eb Dec 2018)

Brownlee, The Commerce of Vision: Optical Culture and Perception in Antebellum America (hc Oct 2018, eb Oct 2018)

Burnard/Garrigus, The Plantation Machine: Atlantic Capitalism in French Saint-Domingue and British Jamaica (hc 2016, pb Aug 2018, eb 2016)

DiCuirci, Colonial Revivals: The Nineteenth-Century Lives of Early American Books (hc Oct 2018, eb Oct 2018)

Dowland, Family Values and the Rise of the Christian Right (hc 2015, pb Nov 2018, eb 2015)

Gigantino, William Livingston's American Revolution (hc Oct 2018, eb Oct 2018)

Goetz/Boschmann, Metropolitan Denver: Growth and Change in the Mile High City (hc Sep 2018, eb Sep 2018)

Heerman, The Alchemy of Slavery: Human Bondage and Emancipation in the Illinois Country, 1730-1865 (hc Sep 2018, eb Sep 2018)

Hemmer, Messengers of the Right: Conservative Media and the Transformation of American Politics (hc 2016, pb Oct 2018, eb 2016)

Lombardo, Blue-Collar Conservatism: Frank Rizzo's Philadelphia and Populist Politics (hc Sep 2018, eb Sep 2018)

McEnaney, Postwar: Waging Peace in Chicago (hc Sep 2018, eb Sep 2018)

Parsons, A Not-So-New World: Empire and Environment in French Colonial North America (hc Sep 2018, eb Sep 2018)

Richards, Battle Lines: Poetry and Mass Media in the U.S. Civil War (hc Nov 2018, eb Nov 2018)

Rose, Market Rules: Bankers, Presidents, and the Origins of the Great Recession (hc Dec 2018, eb Dec 2018)

Rosenfeld, Democracy and Truth: A Short History (hc Dec 2018, eb Dec 2018)

Ross, Slavery in the North: Forgetting History and Recovering Memory (hc Sep 2018, eb Sep 2018)

Wilson, Destructive Creation: American Business and the Winning of World War II (hc 2016, pb Oct 2018, eb 2016)

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