Fall 2017 catalog cover

The Penn Press list for fall 2017 includes hardcover releases, first-time paperbacks, and ebook editions intended for scholars, students, and serious general readers worldwide. Click here to explore our forthcoming books, grouped by subject area.


Current Season: American History, American Studies

New and forthcoming titles from the Penn Press current seasonal catalog.

Araiza, To March for Others: The Black Freedom Struggle and the United Farm Workers (hc 2013, pb Oct 2017, eb 2013)

Browne, Surviving Slavery in the British Caribbean (hc Sep 2017, eb Sep 2017)

Cándida Smith, Improvised Continent: Pan-Americanism and Cultural Exchange (hc Oct 2017, eb Oct 2017)

Critchlow, Republican Character: From Nixon to Reagan (hc Dec 2017, eb Dec 2017)

Dayton/Salinger, Robert Love's Warnings: Searching for Strangers in Colonial Boston (hc 2014, pb Nov 2017, eb 2014)

Lisle, Modern Coliseum: Stadiums and American Culture (hc Aug 2017, eb Aug 2017)

Mancall, Nature and Culture in the Early Modern Atlantic (hc Dec 2017, eb Dec 2017)

Naish, Slavery and Silence: Latin America and the U.S. Slave Debate (hc Sep 2017, eb Sep 2017)

Nash, Warner Mifflin: Unflinching Quaker Abolitionist (hc Oct 2017, eb Oct 2017)

Navakas, Liquid Landscape: Geography and Settlement at the Edge of Early America (hc Oct 2017, eb Oct 2017)

Parkin, Women at the Wheel: A Century of Buying, Driving, and Fixing Cars (hc Oct 2017, eb Oct 2017)

Salafia, Slavery's Borderland: Freedom and Bondage Along the Ohio River (hc 2013, pb Nov 2017, eb 2013)

Salzmann, Liquid Capital: Making the Chicago Waterfront (hc Dec 2017, eb Dec 2017)

Stewart-Winter, Queer Clout: Chicago and the Rise of Gay Politics (hc 2016, pb Aug 2017, eb 2015)

Wells, Poetry Wars: Verse and Politics in the American Revolution and Early Republic (hc Nov 2017, eb Nov 2017)

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