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The Penn Press list for fall 2017 includes hardcover releases, first-time paperbacks, and ebook editions intended for scholars, students, and serious general readers worldwide. Click here to explore our forthcoming books, grouped by subject area.


Current Season: Political Science, Public Policy

New and forthcoming titles from the Penn Press current seasonal catalog.

Araiza, To March for Others: The Black Freedom Struggle and the United Farm Workers (hc 2013, pb Oct 2017, eb 2013)

Baylor, First to the Party: The Group Origins of Political Transformation (hc Nov 2017, eb Nov 2017)

Ben-Porath, Free Speech on Campus (hc Sep 2017, eb Sep 2017)

Botting, Mary Shelley and the Rights of the Child: Political Philosophy in "Frankenstein" (hc Oct 2017, eb Oct 2017)

Brown, How Real Estate Developers Think: Design, Profits, and Community (hc 2015, pb Dec 2017, eb 2015)

Critchlow, Republican Character: From Nixon to Reagan (hc Dec 2017, eb Dec 2017)

Ephraim, Who Speaks for Nature?: On the Politics of Science (hc Dec 2017, eb Dec 2017)

Falleti/Parrado, Latin America Since the Left Turn (hc Nov 2017, eb Nov 2017)

Karagiannis, The New Political Islam: Human Rights, Democracy, and Justice (hc Dec 2017, eb Dec 2017)

Karlin, Building Militaries in Fragile States: Challenges for the United States (hc Dec 2017, eb Dec 2017)

Nutter, Mayor: Best Job in America (hc Oct 2017, eb Oct 2017)

Robinson, American Justice 2017: The Supreme Court in Crisis (hc Oct 2017, eb Oct 2017)

Rodriguez, Fragile Families: Foster Care, Immigration, and Citizenship (hc Aug 2017, eb Aug 2017)

Salzmann, Liquid Capital: Making the Chicago Waterfront (hc Dec 2017, eb Dec 2017)

Slaboch, A Road to Nowhere: The Idea of Progress and Its Critics (hc Dec 2017, eb Dec 2017)

Stewart-Winter, Queer Clout: Chicago and the Rise of Gay Politics (hc 2016, pb Aug 2017, eb 2015)

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