Fall 2018 catalog cover

The Penn Press list for fall 2018 includes hardcover releases, first-time paperbacks, and ebook editions intended for scholars, students, and serious general readers worldwide. Click here to explore our forthcoming books, grouped by subject area.


Current Season: Religious Studies

New and forthcoming titles from the Penn Press current seasonal catalog.

Almog, Secularism and Hermeneutics (hc May 2019, eb May 2019)

Bregoli/Ruderman, Connecting Histories: Jews and Their Others in Early Modern Europe (hc Apr 2019, eb Apr 2019)

Burrus, Ancient Christian Ecopoetics: Cosmologies, Saints, Things (hc Nov 2018, eb Nov 2018)

Clark, The Fathers Refounded: Protestant Liberalism, Roman Catholic Modernism, and the Teaching of Ancient Christianity in Early Twentieth-Century America (hc Dec 2018, eb Dec 2018)

Kirkpatrick, A Gospel for the Poor: Global Social Christianity and the Latin American Evangelical Left (hc Apr 2019, eb Apr 2019)

Landry, Vodún: Secrecy and the Search for Divine Power (hc Nov 2018, eb Nov 2018)

Maguire, Carnal Spirit: The Revolutions of Charles Péguy (hc May 2019, eb May 2019)

Miller, In the Eye of the Animal: Zoological Imagination in Ancient Christianity (hc 2018, eb 2018)

Perett, Preachers, Partisans, and Rebellious Religion: Vernacular Writing and the Hussite Movement (hc Oct 2018, eb Oct 2018)

Shoemaker, The Apocalypse of Empire: Imperial Eschatology in Late Antiquity and Early Islam (hc Nov 2018, eb Nov 2018)

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