Spring 2016 catalog cover

In addition to the new hardcover and ebook releases, the Penn Press spring 2016 list includes many first-time paperbacks, among them books by Paula Deitz, James J. Gigantino, Gregory L. Heller, Zachary Lesser, Patricia Cox Miller, Simon P. Newman, Jean R. Soderlund, and Timothy R. White.

Law in Social Context

Keith Hawkins and John M. Thomas, Series Editors

Flemming/Nardulli, The Craft of Justice: Politics and Work in Criminal Court Communities ()

Hayden, Social Courts in Theory and Practice: Yugoslav Workers' Courts in Comparative Perspective ()

Jasanoff, Learning from Disaster: Risk Management After Bhopal ()

Lempert/Sanders, An Invitation to Law and Social Science (hc )

McCoy, Politics and Plea Bargaining: Victims' Rights in California (pb 1993)

Rees, Reforming the Workplace: A Study of Self-Regulation in Occupational Safety ()

Roth/Scholz, Taxpayer Compliance, Volume 1: An Agenda for Research (hc 1989)

Roth/Scholz, Taxpayer Compliance, Volume 2: Social Science Perspectives (hc 1989)

Savelsberg/Brühl, Constructing White-Collar Crime: Rationalities, Communication, Power ()