Trudi's Story

“Penn’s Way is an easy way to give to the organizations I care about. I work at the School of Nursing where the tagline is "Care to change the world." I love that. Penn Nursing's LIFE (Living Independently for Elders) helps to support the elderly in emergency situations, such as paying a heating bill during the winter. This program truly touches my heart, as it is the elderly and poor who need our help the most. I feel it is essential to give back in any way I can and feel a sense of peace knowing that I can give back to my local community.”

Rachel's Story

“I’ve always been a believer in the quote "From those to whom much is given, much is expected." I feel blessed to have a wonderful position in a great organization and feel a strong need to give back to those in less fortunate circumstances. At People's Emergency Center (PEC), homeless women with children acquire a skill and work toward becoming independent. Ever since my father installed a burglar/fire alarm at their first location decades ago, I have felt a strong connection to the organization. I have donated to Penn's Way all 21 years I have worked at Penn and having my donation taken directly from my paycheck before is a "painless" way to give to an organization I feel passionate about. There are so many needy people within our communities and I find it rewarding to think I've had an impact with the West Philadelphia community where I work daily.”

Shril's Story

“Giving to Penn's Way is simply gratifying to me because I am able to give to causes that help those in need while simultaneously helping to contribute to the overall goal of the health system.  I have previously donated to Feed the Children, which is based out of Oklahoma. The disaster relief efforts supported by the donations to Feed the Children have helped to provide food, water and clothing to people who need it the most.


Recently, I discovered that the SHARE Food Program in Philadelphia works with Feed the Children to provide healthy and affordable food to families in the Philadelphia area – they even have an urban garden on site, which produced over 6,000 pounds of vegetables last year! I think that by giving through Penn's Way, it provides an easy streamlined approach to donate, especially since there are an overwhelming amount of organizations to choose from. In my opinion, you can't make the wrong choice.”

Gary's Story

“My motivation for supporting Penn Wissahickon Hospice through Penn's Way is Armando Fernandez, a close friend and former coworker. Armando spent 3 years in a Cuban prison after the revolution. The US Government got him out, and Castro told him not to come back. He had a dual electrical/mechanical engineering degree and we worked together in the nuclear industry. About a year before he retired, he was diagnosed with ALS. My family became very close with him and his wife, Amalia, and we visited him often. He dealt with ALS gracefully – but one thing that hurt him was that very few people went to see him. It hurt him and he shared that with me.

Through supporting Penn's Way and Penn Wissahickon Hospice my hope is that when someone is fighting life's final battle, they don't have to do it alone. Together through Penn's Way, we cannot only have a positive impact our community, but people everywhere.”