The Penn Compact in Action

Trash to treasure

Each May thousands of Penn students depart campus for the summer, leaving an untold number items they are unable to transport across the state, country or world.

But rather than end up in a landfill these items may be put to good use, due to an initiative led by Penn's Business Services Division, called PennMOVES. As students move out, they can donate unwanted items to PennMOVES for distribution to a host of nonprofit organizations throughout the city of Philadelphia. Almost anything useful can be dropped off, including refrigerators, electronics, computers, furniture, unopened toiletries, books, clothing and nonperishable foods. Leftover items are donated to the Salvation Army.

BSD spokeswoman Barbara Lea-Kruger says PennMOVES dovetails with a number of Penn initiatives, both environmental and charitable.

"It supports the climate initiative of the President, it supports the Penn Compact by engaging locally," she says. "It's a service across the University."

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The Penn Compact

The Penn Compact embodies Penn's vision for making our University both a global leader in teaching, research, and professional practice, as well as a dynamic agent of social, economic, and civic progress.

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