K. Anthony Appiah

Department of Afro-American Studies
Harvard University

Joyce Appleby Department of History
University of California at Los Angeles

Julius W. Becton, Jr. Superintendent
District of Columbia Schools

Thomas Bender Dean for Humanities
New York University

Jean Bethke-Elshtain Committee on International Relations and
The Divinity School
University of Chicago

Derek Bok Kennedy School of Government
Harvard University

Bill Bradley
Former U.S. Senator, New Jersey
David Bromwich
Department of English
Yale University

E. L. Doctorow
Department of English
New York University

Drew Faust Department of History
University of Pennsylvania

James Fishkin Department of Government
University of Texas at Austin

Mari FitzduffDirector, INCORE (N. Ireland)
Professor of Conflict Studies
University of Ulster

Joel Fleishman Director
Center for Ethics, Public Policy and the Professions
Duke University

Lani Guinier School of Law
Harvard University

Rochelle Gurstein The Bard Graduate Center
Bard College

Amy Gutmann Department of Politics
Princeton University

David Hamburg
Carnegie Corporation of New York

William Hudnut
Senior Resident Fellow for Public Policy
Urban Land Institute
Former Mayor, Indianapolis, Indiana

Kathleen Hall Jamieson Dean
Annenberg School for Communication
University of Pennsylvania

Randall Kennedy School of Law
Harvard University

Richard Lapchick
Center for the Study of Sport in Society
Northeastern University

Lawrence Lessig School of Law
Harvard University

Tom Luce
Hughes and Luce

Martin Marty
The Divinity School
University of Chicago

Abner Mikva
The Law School
University of Chicago

Michael J. Piore Department of Economics
Massachusetts Insititute of Technology

Donald Randel
Cornell University

Jay Rosen Department of Journalism
New York University

Karl Rove Political Consultant

Andras Sajo
Budapest College
Central European University

Michael Sandel
Department of Government
Harvard University

Michael Schudson Department of Communication
University of California at San Diego

Martin E. P. Seligman Department of Psychology
University of Pennsylvania

Neil Smelser
Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences

Robert Richard Spillane
Regional Education Officer for Europe
Department of States

Claude Steele Department of Psychology
Stanford University

Cass Sunstein The Law School
University of Chicago

Calvin Trillin The New Yorker
Edna Ullmann-Margalit
Center for Rationality and Interactive Decision Theory
Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Michael Useem The Wharton School
University of Pennsylvania

Paul Verkuil Dean
Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law
Yeshiva University
Robert Wiebe Department of History
Northwestern University

William Julius Wilson Kennedy School of Government
Harvard University

Robert Wuthnow Department of Sociology
Princeton University