What is PennTalks?

PennTalks is a continuing program of campus conversations that aims to "build community through conversation" within the College Houses and throughout the Penn campus from the ground up -- one conversation at a time. All PennTalks conversations are led by students on topics of their choice.

College House Spring Series

Over the next several months, residents in the College Houses and Sansom Place will host PennTalks conversations. The first, "To Survive or Not - Why do we watch??!!" took place on January 30th in Goldberg House and featured Annenberg School professor, Joseph Turow. Future conversations will include topics as diverse as medical ethics, study abroad, electoral reform, and eating disorders.

Please click here to view a calendar of upcoming PennTalks events.

For more information, please contact:

Ms. Lillian Rozin
PennTalks Program Coordinator


PennTalks is a program of the Penn Public Talk Project,
and is cosponsored by the Residential Advisory Board (RAB).