Public Talk: The Online Journal of Discourse Leadership, features original work by PNC members, staff and commissioned research reports. Each article is linked to a discussion area specific to its topic. The links (using online conferencing software) enable the general public, along with the Commission members, Fellows, Community/Campus Network members, and staff, to discuss the Commission's work. The discussion area is searchable and permanent (unlike a listserv or newsgroup), which enhances its usefulness as an analytical and educational tool.

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Each article in Public Talk is linked to an online conference area where the commission hosts discussions. You are invited to contribute.

The first time you go to the Online Conference, you will be prompted to create a "New User profile." Once you have entered the required information (name, email address and password of your choice -- the rest is optional) you may participate.

Discussions are unmoderated and open to anyone on the world wide web.

The Penn National Commission seeks to foster the "reasoned and reasonable" discourse essential to the social, political, cultural, and community life of a democracy. An international group of forty-eight scholars, political leaders, and shapers of public opinion, convened by University of Pennsylvania President Judith Rodin, the Commission is meeting over a three-year period to understand the problems of contemporary public discussion and behavior and foster a more engaged and thoughtful public discourse in the 21st century.

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