[Papers and Presentations on Public Discourse As of October 27, 1999]

A. The centrality of public discourse

  • "The Faculties of a Democratic Society" by Judith Rodin and Stephen P. Steinberg

B. Defining exemplary public discourse
  • "What is Good Public Discourse" by David M. Ryfe [report and annotated bibliography]

  • "Public Discourse in Action: Mapping the Practice of Deliberative Democracy" by David M. Ryfe

  • "The Principles of Public Discourse" [a continuing project] by members of the Commission

A. Public discourse in historical and social perspective
  • "The 'Thinning' of American Public Discourse" by Thomas Bender

  • "Communication and Democratic Deliberation" by Kathleen Hall Jamieson

  • "Report on Primary Tensions" by Robert Wiebe

  • "Rough Politics Needn't Destroy Lives" by Paul Begala

  • ["A Paradox of Public Discourse and Political Democracy"] by Neil Smelser

B. Reconciliation and public discourse

  • "To Forgive or Not to Forgive" by Marc S. Schulz, Alexis Bennett, and Julia Stein

  • "Political Apologies and Public Discourse" by Graham G. Dodds

A. Institutions

  • "The Institutional Contexts of Public Discourse" by Neil Smelser

  • "University and Community" by Don Randel

  • "Report on Museum Community-Building" by Joyce Appleby

  • "Foundation Support of Community Development Through Public Discourse" by Cynthia M. Koch

  • "The University and a Civil Society" by Judith Rodin

B. Community

  • "Community Building in the Late Twentieth Century" by Joyce Appleby

  • "Deliberative Democracy and Public Discourse: Preliminary Findings Using the ABAR [Agent-Based Argument Repertoire Model" by Ian S. Lustick with Dani Midownik

C. Leadership

  • "Leadership and Publicity in a Complex Democratic Society" by Michael Schudson

  • "Leadership and Public Life, 1998" by Michael Schudson

  • "From Affirmative Action to Affirmative Opportunity" by William Julius Wilson

  • "The Great Health Care Debate of 1993-94" by Derek Bok

  • "Part of Our World: Journalism as Civic Leadership" by Jay Rosen

  • "Tobacco and Its Regulation" by Paul Verkuil

  • "The NEA & NEH Funding Crisis" by Cynthia Koch

In addition to the commissioned research and working group papers listed above, most of the Commission's plenary presentations and discussions are available in transcript, video and audio formats on this website, and in the electronic journal, Public Talk Among these are: