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Group Aquatics Fitness Classes

  • Aqua-Robics

    This program is on hold. Please join the Aquatics Listserv for updates.

    Participants of all levels are welcome to sign up for the Campus Recreation Group Aqua-Robics Fitness classes, which are an exciting and dynamic 45 minutes of aquatics conditioning exercises that promote increased energy, flexibility, weight loss, toning and slenderizing. The class incorporates movements drawn from swimming, dancing and even kickboxing techniques to both motivate and challenge clients. This class is inherently “low impact”, thus the movements are excellent for various populations looking for a cardiovascular workout without the strain/stress on joints, muscles or bones.

    The cost of six classes will be $50 for members/students and $70 for non-members; the class must have a minimum of 4 people enrolled to take place. Late registration will be available, with the cost pro-rated to exclude the missed classes.

  • Water Babies

    This program is on hold. Please join the Aquatics Listserv for updates.

    Water Babies! is a 45 minute course designed to introduce infants  (6 months-36 months) to the water. Activities include being held in the water by the parent, assisted floating, gently pouring water of the infant’s head, socializing with other children and parents, and submerging the child when he/she is ready

    The cost of this course will be $50 for members/students and $70 for non-members. The class must have a minimum of 6 people enrolled to take place and all babies must wear swim diapers.

Summer Programs (May to August)

  • Master Swim

    This program is on hold. Please join the Aquatics Listserv for updates.

    Participants of an intermediate, or above, swimming level are welcome to join one of Philadelphia’s only master’s swimming teams. The Campus Recreation Master’s Swim Team is designed to allow adult competitive swimmers to have a place to train with other swimmers of their ability under the guidance of a varsity swim coach, and without interruption from other recreational swimmers.  This program will start the 3rd week of May (May 20th), with 3 practices per week from 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

    A two-practice per week option may be possible, but only with enough interest and consistent communication with the Aquatics Coordinator. Non-Penn affiliates are allowed to register for this program, but must do so at the non-member rate and must only use the pool area during designated practice times.

    Renewing monthly fees is mandatory and payment can be made in full at the initial sign-up, or on a month-to-month basis. It should be noted that if enough swimmers do not sign up in each month the program will not generate enough revenue to operate.

    First time clients must complete a waiver and liability packet. Visit the forms directory to download the PDF.

    Are you Eligible?

    To participate in Master Swim you must be:

      • able to do 3 of the 4 strokes
      • able to do flip turns
      • knowledgeable about swim equipment and how to use it
      • able to swim 4 – 5 consecutive 100s on 10 seconds rest at a relatively high heart rate
      • the esoteric “ability to be coached, critiqued, and pushed” towards best times and training goals
    • Quaker Swim Camp 

      Camp dates/times are TBD. Please check back in April 2016.

      The Quaker Swim Camp is a beginner-to-intermediate swim camp that is focused on quality drill work and learning proper swimming technique for swimmers from ages 5 – 15. The camp runs for 2 weeks in June and one week in July and is a day camp only (8.30a – 3p). The structure of each day includes 2 water work outs, 1 team building activity, and 1 coach-led talk.



    Subscribe to the AQUATICS LISTSERV

    If you would like to be updated on the pool schedule, activities, or pool programming consider signing up to receive emails from our newly created aquatics list-serve.

    To join the list-serve email Chris Hopkins with the following:

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    Body: Email, First, Last Name


    Registration Information

    A Penn Affiliation is required to enroll. An active PennCard is required a the time of registration. Registration must be done in the MMembership Services Office. For questions regarding registration, please call 215-898-6100.

    Refund Policy 

    If Campus Recreation cancels a course, participants will be offered the choice of transferring to another course or receive a full refund. If a participant chooses not to take a class that is not cancelled, the participant is not eligible for a refund.


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