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Become a better swimmer at any age with our private and group swim lessons.  For questions regarding any Aquatics Programming please contact upennaquatics@gmail.com.

You must be affiliated with Penn and hold a valid PennCard to register for Aquatics Programming.

A valid Penn Card is required at registration for all participants ages 7 and older.  It is recommended that participants register for any Aquatics Programs at the Membership Services Office in Pottruck Health & Fitness Center.  However, Penn Affiliates and Campus Rec Members can now sign up for private and group lessons online. Click the “Online Registration” button to the right to use our new portal.  Private lessons can be found in the “Multi-Visit Pass” section and group lessons can be found under “Programs”

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  • Private (1:1) and Semi-Private (1:2) Swim Lessons

    Private and Semi-Private Swim Lessons are now available!  Members of the Penn Community can register for lessons, in person, at the Membership Services Office in the Pottruck Health & Wellness Center.

    Lessons take place when the pool is open for a recreational swim and when client availability meets instructor availability.  Instructor-client matches are not guaranteed, but we will attempt to match each client with an instructor in a timely fashion.

    Private lessons are 30 minutes long. Semi-Private lessons must have two students and last 45 minutes. Participants in semi-private lessons should anticipate spending either the entire 45 min in the pool (if participants are at the same skill level and over the age of 7) or split the time: (15 min for one student, 15 min for both students and 15 min for the other student).

    Purchase Options:

    Four Private Lessons – $140 Members / $160 Non-Members

    Eight Private Lessons – $265 Members / $300 Non-Members

    Four Semi-Private – $100/person (universal fee)

    Eight Semi-Private – $190/person (universal fee)

  • Group Swim Lessons

    Registration for Summer 2017 programs is now OPEN!

    Please join the Aquatics List Serv for updates.

    Group swim lessons will be available as part of a Learn to Swim program at Sheerr Pool.  These classes are not designed for advanced swimmers, but rather students wishing to learn to swim for the first time, or improve their stroke mechanics and endurance. Water safety is a component of all swim levels.

    Each session of lessons will consist of six 30 minute lessons. With two lessons per week, each session will last three weeks. Classes that do not reach the minimum number of students will not run.

    Fall Session 1: Sundays, 9/10-10/15 (6 weeks)- Registration CLOSED

    Fall Session 2: Sundays, 10/29-12/10 (6 weeks)– No class 11/26. Registration OPEN

    Member Price: $95  Non-Member Price: $120

    Class Offerings

    Youth *Max of 5 students per class

    Level 1 (ages 4 yrs and on): This is the first step in learning to swim. The main focus is on independent water entry and exit, buoyancy, arm, and leg movement, and increasing overall comfort in the water. Sundays 12:00p-12:30p

    Level 2: The focus in level two is on breath control, moving through the water independently, flotation, and stroke mechanics for front crawl and elementary backstroke. Sundays 12:30p-1:00p

    Level 3: This class focuses on expanding stroke knowledge and skill, treading water, diving, swimming under water, and flotation.    Sundays 1:00p-1:30p

    Level 4: This course continues the skills learned in level 3. The focus is on stroke enhancement and swimming endurance (front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke, scissor and butterfly kicks), treading water, diving from a standing position, and general stroke and turn refinement. Sundays 1:30p-2:00p

    Adult *Max of 6 students per class

    Adult Beginner: The focus of this course is basic aquatic and swimming skills. Participants will be exposed to a variety of skills, strokes, kicks, and pool tools. If you are a beginning swimmer, this course is for you! Sundays 12:00p-12:30p

    Adult Intermediate: This course focuses on improving on the basic aquatic skills acquired in Adult Beginner. This includes breath control, treading, flotation, and stroke mechanics. Sundays 12:30p-1:00p

    Each class should have a minimum of 3 people enrolled to take place and will usually be capped at 5-6 participants. Classes will last 30 minutes each and there are six classes per session.

    All Clients wishing to register for Group Lessons must do so in person at the Membership Services Office in the Pottruck Health & Wellness Center.

  • Parent/Child Classes

    Registration for Spring 2017 programs is now OPEN.

    Parent/Child classes are designed to introduce infants and young children to the water with their parents’ supervision. Activities include being held in the water by the parent, assisted floating, gently pouring water over the infant’s head, socializing with other children and parents, and submerging the child when he/she is ready. Please understand that Sheerr Pool is kept at 79 degrees throughout the school year. This is chilly and children may have to take breaks.

    Each session of lessons will consist of six 30 minute lessons. All classes require a minimum of 3 students, classes will be capped at 6 adult/child pairs. Summer sessions will run for three weeks each with two classes each week (Tuesday and Thursday evenings).

    Fall Session 1: Sundays, 9/10-10/15 (6 weeks)- Registration OPEN

    Fall Session 2: Sundays, 10/29-12/13 (6 weeks) Registration OPEN

    Member Price: $95  Non-Member Price: $120

    Class Offerings

    Parent/Child 1 (ages 6 mos – 2 yrs): This class is designed to help you and your child explore the pool together for the first time.  Body position changes, buoyancy, safety, and swimming basics are explored. All activities will require parent support. All children who are not potty-trained must wear swim diapers (not provided by UPenn). Sundays 1:00p-1:30p

    Parent/Child 2 (ages 2 yrs – 4 yrs): This class is designed to help you and your child explore the pool. Students will be exposed to breathe control, flotation, submersion, arm and leg motions, glides and more.  Children will be encouraged to attempt skills without direct adult support. All children who are not potty-trained must wear swim diapers (not provided by UPenn). Sundays 1:30p-2:00p






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Registration Information

A Penn Affiliation is required to enroll. An active PennCard is required a the time of registration. Registration must be done in the Membership Services Office or register online. For questions regarding registration, please call 215-898-6100.

Refund Policy 

If PennRec cancels a course, participants will be offered the choice of transferring to another course or receive a full refund. If a participant chooses not to take a class that is not canceled, the participant is not eligible for a refund.


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