Sheerr Pool

Build in 1967, this facility has the capacity to be either 2 short-course pools (25 meters and 25 yards, 12 lanes) or 1 long course pool (50 meters, 6 lanes) and is home to a large recreational population as well as the University’s various club and varsity teams.  The pool is equipped with a stair entrance at the shallow end, a handi-accessible chair, and an on-deck dry sauna and shower, both of which are located at the deep end. 

Long Course Training

On the first Monday of each month the Sheerr Pool staff will lower the bulkhead that separates the 2 pools and convert the facility into a “long-course” set up.  This means that there will only be 6 lanes (instead of 12) and that the length of each lap will be about double what it was before; going from 25 yards/meters to 50 meters. This set-up will be active barring any major holidays, emergency closures, or extensive travel by the Aquatics Coordinator.

Patrons are urged to swim with others who match their speed in the water, and aqua joggers must share the facility with the circle swimmers, as there will be less space due to the decreased number of lanes.  As in a short-course set up, when more than 2 people are in a lane they must circle swim, even when the length of each lap is much greater. 

The benefits of long course training are fairly straight-forward; with less turns to do the athlete must swim more, thus increasing your stamina, strength and focus as a swimmer.  The walls provide excellent break points, so when you push off of them fewer times you get a better work out whether you are swimming, kicking, pulling or aqua-jogging. 

Pool Rules, Policies & Procedures

The Sheerr Pool is open for recreational swim during posted hours.  It is recommended to check the Department of Recreation website on a regular basis for updated information in regards to altered pool hours.  The following guidelines apply while using the pool:

Aquatics List-Serve, Pool Calendar & Aquatics Programming

If you would like to be updated on the pool schedule, activities, or pool programming consider signing up to receive emails from our newly created aquatics list-serve. 

To sign up email Dan Schupsky and in the subject line please put “aquatics list-serve”; in the body of the email please follow this example to be added:  email address (full name). 

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For the most accurate calendar of pool hours please click here.

For a listing of the aquatics programs please click here.

Questions regarding any aspect of the pool operation, schedule or structure can be directed to the Aquatics Coordinator, Dan Schupsky.