Upenn Recreation

Fatima Adamu
Fatima grew up in Nigeria, West Africa and was passionate about movement, fitness and emotional well-being from a young age. Fatima currently teaches with PennRec and works with paraplegic and tetraplegic patients at Magee Rehabilitation Hospital. In 2011, Fatima was awarded a grant by the Puffin Foundation to teach yoga and creative writing to clients of the non-profit Women in Transition (WIT), an organization serving women with a history of domestic violence and substance abuse.he is also an accomplished dancer, visual artist and vocalist who has performed in the United States, Nigeria and Canada.
Kiran Matsko
Yoga 101, Yin Yoga
Classes Taught: Yoga 101, Yin Yoga Penn Campus Recreation: Since 2016 Favorite Class Format: Yin Yoga Best Workout Song: Zero 7, Duran Duran, the Police and the Foo Fighters Why Group Exercise? Many students and staff members are still during the day, with computers and desks occupying much of our lives.  Making movement a priority amidst a busy day gives participants a nice break from that stillness, provides multiple physical health benefits and refreshes the mind…..like Adult Recess!
Maria Cano
Vinyasa Yoga, Power Flow Yoga, Yoga for All
Classes Taught: Vinyasa Yoga, Power Flow Yoga, Yoga for All Penn Campus Recreation: Since 2015 Favorite Class Format: Power Flow Yoga  Best Workout Song: Shine by Benjamin Francis Leftwich Why Group Exercise? I love group exercise classes because you are surrounded by people to be inspired by and to communicate with. Working out with others not only motivates me to work even harder, but also creates a space for the class to act as a support system. 
Lauren Cornew
Lauren began practicing Yoga in 2001 to prevent injuries associated with distance running. Her practice deepened after moving to San Diego in 2003, and she came to view yoga as a vehicle to many of life's lessons. Inspired to share the wisdom of yoga with others, Lauren completed her 200-hour Yoga certification at Dhyana Yoga after returning to Philadelphia and has been teaching Yoga since 2010. In 2013, she received her certification at the 500 hour level in yoga therapy at the YogaLife Institute.
Laura Edoff
Laura began practicing yoga in 2008, and it quickly became not only a physical practice, but a way to connect to the world through movement and breath. In 2011, Laura embarked on Wake Up Yoga's 250-hour Vinyasa Yoga teacher training led by Corina Benner, and in November 2013, she completed Wake Up Yoga's Yin Yoga teacher training. She is currently working towards her 500-hour level. Laura's style of teaching is deeply rooted in the importance of alignment and mindful awareness.
Anita Gelburd
Certified Yoga instructor since 2006, Anita enjoys opening up students to benefits and the enjoyments of yoga. You can find Anita teaching Vinyasa yoga, a moderately paced flowing practice that includes plenty of strength building postures and breathe work. However, when she’s not teaching yoga, Anita takes pleasure in reading novels, learning about history, traveling, and singing in a barbershop quartet!
Peggy Costello
Power Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yoga Sculpt
Classes Taught: Power Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yoga Sculpt Penn Campus Recreation: Since 2015 Favorite Class Format: Power Yoga & Restorative Yoga Best Workout Song: Bother - Les Sins and Heads Will Roll - Yeah Yeah Yeahs Why Group Exercise? Working out with others gives you a fantastic sense of community, and never fails to put a smile on my face at the end of class!
Paula Ippoliti
Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Power yoga, Hatha yoga
Classes Taught: Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Power yoga, Hatha yoga Penn Campus Recreation: Since 2008 Favorite Class Format: Vinyasa Flow Best Workout Song: Long Time Sun, Yoga Mix Grace by Snatum Kaur Why Group Exercise? A group adds to the positive energy and intention of the practice and helps participants be consistent in their practice. The class setting has different levels which benefits participants by showing that not everyone is able to do everything all the time, as well as providing an environment conducive to learning more advanced practices and postures.