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Club Sport participation is a major area within Campus Recreation. Those who desire club sport membership seek regular participation under a more coherent design than offered by informal or intramural activities. Clubs are active during the Fall and Spring semesters. For complete information on Sport Clubs and contacts for each club, visit the Sports Club Directory. To download the Sport Club Handbook, click here.

Club Organization

All active sport clubs have obtained approval to begin with Campus Recreation. Active sport clubs will have a faculty or staff advisor associated with them, however, the clubs’ elected membership (president, vice- president, secretary and treasurer) usually manages all aspects of the sport club. Recognized sport clubs can receive funding from the campus Activities Fund through allocations approved by the Sport club Allocation board.


Students make up the majority of those participating on Penn Sport Clubs team, however full-time faculty and staff are also eligible to participate on a club team. All sport club teams at the University of Pennsylvania are “recognized student organizations” and therefore will keep an affiliation with the Office of Student Life.

Club Systems

  • Competitive

    These clubs are interested in scheduling and hosting tournaments, leagues or structured events. Clubs such as these operate in a manner similar to varsity teams. Club members tend to be goal orientated and enjoy the rivalry and competition of structured events. Consequently, clubs hold regular practice sessions, often have a coach and have an organized game schedule.

  • Instructional

    These clubs concentrate on instruction, knowledge and skill development. Instructional clubs have qualified personnel to structure lessons or clinics appropriate to the group.

  • Recreational

    These clubs have participants who are interested in and enjoy the same sporting interests. These members are interested in recreating in a social environment and sharing the camaraderie of other with similar interests.

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