Intramural Softball Rules

ASA Softball, Intramural Softball Rules and the IM Code will govern intramural softball play.

Deptartment of Recreation staff reserves the right to make amendments to these rules deemed essential to the success of the program.

NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES will be permitted in any recreation or athletic facilities; smoking is also prohibited in all recreation and athletic facilities (indoor or outdoor). Violations will result in forfeiture of the game by the team in violation.


Penncards will be required to verify identification prior to each contest. Please refer to page 2 of the IM Code if you are a staff member who is not issued a PennCard.


Intramural eligibility rules, as outlined in the IM Code, are applicable to IM Softball. Protests of player eligibility must be filed in writing within 24 hours in the IM Office (Rm. 219 Hutchinson Gym) by the team captain. Written protest should include the date, team name, and player in question. The IM staff will review eligibility protests.


Game time is forfeit time: There will be no grace period. Games will start at the scheduled time, or the game will be a forfeit. After one forfeit a team will lose its performance bond; after a second forfeit a team will become ineligible to make the playoffs; after a third forfeit a team will be removed from the league.


Teams will consist of 10 players on a side. Teams may start and play a game with a minimum of 8 players. If a team cannot meet the 8-player minimum for any reason, the game will be declared a forfeit. Defensive team must always have a player in the catcher’s position.

Co-Rec- Teams

A co-rec team will consist of 5 Females and 5 Males. Teams playing with less than 10 players must maintain an even balance of male/female players (within 1).

The Game

The game will be 7 innings or 50 minutes. No inning may start after 45 minutes have elapsed. Home team will be determined by a coin flip.

Mercy Rule

If a team is leading by 10 or more runs after 5 innings (4.5 if home team is winning) the game will be called and the result official.


The batting team will supply the pitcher. Each batter will get 2 pitches to put the ball in play. If the batter fails to put the ball into play within the 2-pitch allotment he/she is out. If a batted ball hits the offensive pitcher; on the first pitch, it is a foul ball- on the second pitch, it is an out. If a team elects to intentionally walk a batter, the following batter has the option to take a walk as well.

NO BUNTING, or chopping at the ball. Automatic out! (umpire's discretion)


A pitcher must pitch to at least two consecutive batters. Pitches must have a perceptible arc (6’-12’). A team may designate a pitcher that does not play defense or bat.

Base Running

NO SLIDING! Players may not leave a base until the ball is batted.

1st Base- There will be two bases side by side at first base, the defender should use the base that is inside the foul line. The runner should use the base that lies in foul territory.

Home Plate- All plays at home plate will be force plays. There will be a cone slightly more than halfway down the 3rd base line, once a runner passes the cone, he/she has committed to home plate and is liable to be forced out.


Unlimited subs are allowed, however, a sub must play the defensive half of the inning immediately preceding following each at bat. Players may only return to the game in the same position in the batting order that he/she occupied prior to being substituted for.

Overthrows (out of play)

On an overthrow that goes out of play each runner shall be awarded two bases from the point at which the ball was released by the defender. (ex. the batter hits a ball to the SS, who throws the ball out of play. The batter-runner is awarded first and second base.)

Extra Innings

If a game is tied after 7 innings, or the time limit, it will be declared a tie.

Partial Games

Games that are called early due to weather or any other circumstance will be official if 4 innings have been completed (3.5 if home team is winning). If the game is in the top of an inning when it is called it shall revert back to the last complete inning. If it is in the bottom of an inning and the home team is winning, it will be official. If it is in the bottom of an inning and the home team is losing, the score will revert back to the last full inning.


Teams will not be allowed to add any new players to their rosters for the playoffs. In order to be eligible for the playoffs, a player must have participated in at least one regular season match.


As a rule, games will not be rescheduled. Team members should call their captains, not the Department of Recreation, for schedule information. Games that are cancelled due to inclement weather will count as wins for both teams involved.


Players are expected to display good sportsmanship towards fellow competitors, officials, and IM staff. Any display of poor sportsmanship will be met with disciplinary actions. The yellow/red card system will be in effect. Players who receive suspensions, and/or are ejected from games must meet with the Assistant Director prior to being reinstated.


The intramural supervisor, on site, will accept protests of rule interpretations only. Protests must be filed immediately after the play in question, once the ball is put back into play after the play in question, no protests will be honored. To file a protest, the team captain should ask the game official to get a supervisor, at this point the supervisor will hear the scenario, explain the rule that applies, and render a decision. Decisions made by IM supervisors are final. There is no further appeals process. Supervisors will not listen to protests of officials’ judgment calls or competency.

For protests of player eligibility, please see section above titled Eligibility.

If you have any questions about the league, ASA rules, IM rules, or the IM Code, please contact the Department of Recreation staff at 215-898-6100.