Intramural Volleyball Rules

NCAA Volleyball Rules, Intramural Volleyball Rules and the IM Code will govern intramural volleyball play.

Department of Recreation staff reserves the right to make amendments to these rules deemed essential to the success of the program.

NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES will be permitted in any recreation or athletic facilities; smoking is also prohibited in all recreation and athletic facilities (indoor or outdoor). Violations will result in forfeiture of the game by the team in violation.


Penncards will be required to verify identification prior to each contest. Please refer to page 2 of the IM Code if you are a staff member who is not issued a PennCard.


Intramural eligibility rules, as outlined in the IM Code, are applicable to IM Volleyball. Protests of player eligibility must be filed in writing within 24 hours in the IM Office (Rm. 202 Hutchinson Gym) by the team captain. Written protest should include the date, team name, and player in question. The IM staff will review eligibility protests.


Game time is forfeit time: There will be no grace period. Games will start at the scheduled time, or the game will be a forfeit. After one forfeit a team will lose its performance bond; after a second forfeit a team will become ineligible to make the playoffs; after a third forfeit a team will be removed from the league.

The Court

All matches will be held in Hutchinson Gym.
Walls- If the ball touches a side or end wall it is out of play. A player may not climb the wall to gain an advantage.

Ceiling/Rafters: If the ball touches any part of the ceiling it may be played provided: The team causing the ball to contact the ceiling/rafters has not used its limit of hits, the ball does not pass over the net at any time, and the team causing the contact with the ceiling/rafters legally plays the ball over the net after the contact with the ceiling occurs.

Adjacent Courts: Teams may not play the ball from an adjacent court. If the ball passes into an adjacent court, it will be ruled dead.

Obstructions: The referee may declare a replay of a rally if at any point during that rally, an outside obstruction enters the playing area, or an adjacent area where said obstruction may be dangerous to any or all of the players.

The Game

Players – A team consists of 6 players, a team may play with a minimum of 5 players on the court.
Co-Rec teams must always maintain the following ratio as outlined above. [3M, 3F = 6; 2M, 3F = 5]. Teams must alternate genders in the rotation. If a team has only 5 players, they must designate an open spot in their rotation, when the designated open spot comes to the server position, a side-out will be awarded, but no point will be scored.


Teams may substitute freely at the server position only. Exception: Injuries.

Match Length/Scoring
Best 2 out of 3 games.
Non-deciding games up to 25 with “rally” scoring- point on every serve. Team winning point serves next point.
Deciding game up to 15 with “rally” scoring.
Each game must be decided 2-point advantage, with no-cap.


One timeout per team per match. Timeout will be one (1) minute in length.

Starting Play

Coin toss determines first serve/side of court. Winner has option. Each option is alternated in each succeeding game.


Game officials calls are final. One game official will also act as official scorekeeper.


May be over-hand or under-hand. Server must start serve with both feet behind end line. If a server does not like his/her toss, he/she may let the ball fall to the floor, and take one re-toss per service rotation.


Co-Rec rules require that if the ball is contacted more than once, both sexes must touch the ball before it is returned over the net.

Center Line

A player's foot may touch the centerline as long as the entire foot does not cross-over into the other court.

Above the Net

Players may reach over the net only in an attempt to block. Touching the net during such a process is prohibited. A block does not constitute a hit.


The height of the net shall be 7ft. 11-5/8 in. for men’s, co-rec & open divisions; and 7ft 4-1/8 in. for women’s divisions.


Teams will not be allowed to add any new players to their rosters for the playoffs. In order to be eligible for the playoffs, a player must have participated in at least one regular season match.


As a rule, games will not be rescheduled. Team members should call their captains, not the Department of Recreation, for schedule information.


Players are expected to display good sportsmanship towards fellow competitors, officials, and IM staff. Any display of poor sportsmanship will be met with disciplinary actions. The yellow/red card system will be in effect.


The intramural supervisor, on site, will accept protests of rule interpretations only. Protests must be filed immediately after the play in question, once the ball is put back into play after the play in question, no protests will be honored. To file a protest, the team captain should ask the game official to get a supervisor, at this point the supervisor will hear the scenario, explain the rule that applies, and render a decision. Decisions made by IM supervisors are final. There is no further appeals process. Supervisors will not listen to protests of officials’ judgment calls or competency.

For protests of player eligibility, please see section above titled Eligibility.

If you have any questions about the league, NCAA rules, IM rules, or the IM Code, please contact the Department of Recreation staff at 215-898-6100.