— Free electives
 — Language requirement courses
 — One History and Tradition sector
Students who fulfill the language requirement by passing a qualifying examination rather than by taking language courses may take their additional free electives pass/fail.
Students must register to take a course pass/fail or change to the pass/fail option within five weeks after classes begin.  It is the student’s responsibility to verify that the correct grading status has been entered in the system.  No changes in grading options will be made after the deadline.
A report of I indicates that a student’s work in a course is incomplete with the instructor’s permission.  Incomplete grades are given only to students who are doing well academically but have an outstanding requirement in a course.
Incomplete course requirements must be completed within four weeks of the beginning of the following semester or the grade will automatically be converted from I to F by the Registrar’s Office.  There are no permanent incompletes given by the undergraduate School of Nursing.  Students with an incomplete may not apply to study abroad.

Withdrawing from a Course
Between the fifth and tenth weeks of the semester, students in the School of Nursing have the option to request withdrawal from a course if they obtain written permission from the course instructor and the Assistant Dean of Academic and Student Affairs.  If the withdrawal is approved, the registration for the course remains on the student’s record and a notation of W is placed as a permanent entry in the grade section of the student’s transcript.  
Leave of Absence
Requesting a Leave of Absence
A leave of absence for a period of up to one academic year may be granted when circumstances necessitate the interruption of academic work.  In unusual circumstances and at the written request of the student, such leaves may be extended for no longer than one additional year.  This period may include either consecutive or nonconsecutive terms.  It should be noted that a leave of absence does not automatically change the time limit (5 years) for completion of the program.  Therefore, students on leave for more than two years total may be removed from the program and asked to re-apply.  These restrictions do not include time spent in the military.  Requests for leaves of absence should be addressed to the Assistant Dean of Academic and Student Affairs, who will determine the