governing exams, refer to http://www.upenn.edu/osl/exams.html or the Office of Student Life.
If more than two final exams are scheduled on the same calendar day during the final exam period, a student may postpose the middle exam with the assistance of their professor.
Students may check their grades at any time by accessing Penn InTouch.
Term Grades: Grades are reported for each course at the end of the term. A grade of D or better must be obtained to receive credit in any course.
Grading System: All Wharton courses are graded on a plus/minus system, from A+ to F. All students taking Wharton courses will be graded in the same manner. Wharton students who take courses in any other school of the University are subject to that school’s grading system for those courses.
The grade point average (GPA) is tabulated at the end of every semester based on the following: A+, A (4.0); A- (3.7); B+ (3.3); B (3.0); B- (2.7); C+ (2.3); C (2.0); C- (1.7); D+ (1.3); D (1.0), and F (0.0). There is no grade
of D-.
Pass/Fail (P/F): Wharton undergraduates may take up to three courses in the General Education Distribution and the elective areas on a pass/fail basis.  All three Global Environment courses and second concentration courses counting as Unrestricted Electives must be taken for a grade. Students may take no more than one course pass/fail in a given semester. First-semester freshmen cannot take a course pass/fail.
A D or better in a course taken P/F will appear on a student’s transcript with a P, denoting a pass. F will appear on the transcript for a failing grade. Ps do not figure into the GPA; Fs, however, are included in a student’s transcript GPA. Courses taken P/F will not count toward any of the business requirements. Instructors are not made aware of a student’s grading status. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the student to confirm grade type. The grade type of a course may not be changed after the drop deadline.
Incomplete Grades: In extenuating circumstances, students may be granted an extension of time by an instructor to complete course requirements including taking a make-up exam. In this case, the grade of I (incomplete) is recorded; however, the work for the course must be completed within the first four weeks of the next semester, or the I will automatically convert to an F for the course. The grade of F will remain on the transcript until the work has been completed.
Failing Grades: An F in a course will permanently remain on a student’s transcript and will be factored in when calculating the transcript GPA. If a
student retakes the course at a future time, the new grade will not replace the original F; however, the new grade will be counted toward the transcript GPA and credit will be received for the repeated course. If an F is received in a required course, the course must be retaken. If an F is received in a non-required course, a student may either repeat the course or substitute another.
Repeating Courses: As stated above, a student may not repeat for credit any course in which a passing grade (D or better) was received.
Auditing Courses: Undergraduate students cannot officially audit a course. Students who wish to attend a class but not take it for credit may do so only with the permission of the instructor. No formal record appears on the transcript for students who sit in on a course.
Leave of Absence
Any currently enrolled student is eligible to take a leave of absence.  Students who are not in good standing or who have a disciplinary action pending against them require special approval.  All students requesting a leave of absence must meet with an academic advisor in the Undergraduate Division and submit the appropriate paper work involved.
Guidelines for Requesting a Leave of Absence:
 • Dual-Degree and Joint-Degree students must submit a request for leave of absence and return from leave with both schools.  Students are held by the leave of absence policy governed by their home school.
 • To apply for a leave of absence, students must submit the Wharton Leave of Absence form with a written request explaining the nature of their leave.  Medical and CAPS leaves require documentation from an appropriate health professional.  A staff member in the Wharton Undergraduate Division may require the student requesting a leave to consult with a Penn Professional service such as CAPS, PennCap or Student Health prior to granting approval.  
 • Students are responsible for dropping his or her classes when a Request for Leave is submitted within the University drop period.  Students should meet with their academic advisor to discuss academic planning issues.
 • Students must meet with other campus offices (such as Student Financial Services, the Bursar, Housing and Food Services) prior to leaving campus.  Students are responsible for resolving all outstanding business matters with the University.   It is important to understand that a student’s financial aid package may change as a result of a leave of absence.
Wharton students cannot earn credit for courses given by another institution while on leave of absence.  In addition, students must complete degree requirements within an eight-year period after matriculation.  If they do not, they may forfeit their right for degree completion.