­Table of Contents
Accounting CR-1
African Studies including African Languages CR-2
Africana Studies CR-10
Anatomy CR-23
Ancient History CR-24
Anthropology CR-26
Architecture CR-44
Art and Archaeology of Mediterranean World CR-51
Art History CR-54
Asian American Studies  CR-67
Astronomy and Astrophysics  CR-69
Benjamin Franklin Seminars  CR-70
Biochemistry (Undergraduate) CR-125
Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics  CR-84
Bioengineering CR-87
Bioethics (see Medical Ethics) CR-191
Biological Basis of Behavior  CR-94
Biology  CR-96
Biomedical Studies  CR-105
Biostatistics and Epidemiology  CR-299
Business and Public Policy  CR-106
Cell & Molecular Biology CR-111
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering  CR-119
Chemistry  CR-122
Cinema Studies  (formerly Film Studies)  CR-126
City and Regional Planning  CR-129
Classical Studies (includes Greek & Latin) CR-132
Cognitive Science  CR-144
College (Undergraduate/Pilot Curriculum)  CR-144
Communications CR-145
Comparative Literature & Literary Theory  CR-153
Computer and Information Science CR-177
Computer Science and Engineering
   (Undergraduate) CR-177
Computer Information Science (Graduate) CR-182
Computer Information and Technology CR-187
Criminology  CR-188
Demography  CR-189
Earth and Environmental Science 193
Environmental Studies CR-193
Geology CR-202
East Asian Languages and Civilizations CR-208
   (includes Chinese, Japanese, Korean, &
    other Asian Languages)
Economics CR-227
Education CR-234
Electrical and Systems Engineering  CR-256
Engineering and Applied Science  CR-266
Biotechnology  CR-270
Engineering Mathematics  CR-269
English CR-270
Film Studies (see Cinema Studies) CR-126
Finance CR-300
Fine Arts CR-305
Folklore CR-317
Genomics and Computational Biology CR-326
Germanic Languages (German, Dutch,
  and Scandinavian) CR-327
Government Administration CR-338
Graduate Arts and Sciences CR-342
Health and Societies CR-342
Health Care Systems CR-350
Historic Preservation CR-352
History CR-355
History and Sociology of Science CR-371
Immunology CR-380
Institute of Neurological Science CR-381
Insurance and Risk Management CR-384
International Relations CR-389
Jewish Studies Program CR-389
Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning CR-397
Latin American and Latino Studies CR-402
Law CR-406
Legal Studies and Business Ethics CR-408
Linguistics CR-412
Logic, Information and Computation CR-419
Management CR-420
Marketing CR-425
Materials Science and Engineering CR-428
Mathematics CR-433
Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mech CR-443
Medical Ethics CR-191
Military Science CR-452
Music CR-455
Naval Science CR-462
Near East Languages and Civilizations
   (includes Ancient Near East Languages,
    Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, & Turkish) CR-463
Nursing CR-484
Operations and Information Management CR-507
Pathology CR-516
Pharmacology CR-516
Philosophy CR-518
Philosophy, Politics, and Economics  CR-530
Physics CR-531
Political Science CR-536
Psychology CR-547
Real Estate  CR-556
Religious Studies  CR-559
Romance Languages (includes French,
  Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish) CR-574
Slavic Languages (Russian, Slavic and
   Eastern European)  CR-589
Social Work CR-597
Sociology CR-607
South Asian Studies CR-621
Statistics CR-633
Telecommunications CR-637
Theatre Arts CR-639
Transportation CR-111
Urban Design CR-643
Urban Studies CR-644
Visual Studies CR-653
Women’s Studies CR-654