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IACUC Meeting Schedules   

Penn IACUC Semiannual Inspections



IACUC Meeting Schedules


An extensive pre-review is conducted on initial submission of a new animal research protocol (Form A), privately owned animal protocol (POAP), Offsite Application, or during a 3-Year Renewal. Amendments, Housing Applications, Continuing Reviews, Exemption Requests, and Salary Support Applications do not undergo pre-review. All submissions other than amendments with administrative-only changes (see “Administrative Review” below) are assigned to DESIGNATED MEMBER REVIEW (DMR) and the review process starts and proceeds on a "rolling" basis, regardless of the scheduled meeting.  There is no monthly deadline for submissions.


However, any member of the IACUC may request FULL COMMITTEE REVIEW (FCR) of any submissions at any time. Protocols called for FCR are assigned at least two IACUC members as “primary” reviewers and presented to the IACUC at the next convened monthly IACUC meeting with a quorum of members. Applications must be submitted at least 7 days before the next scheduled meeting to be reviewed at that meeting if called for FCR. See specific dates below.


ADMINISTRATIVE REVIEW – Amendments that include ONLY one or more of the following changes can be processed upon submission through administrative review without review by the IACUC:

  • Changing the protocol title
  • Removing personnel, other than the PI or someone listed as a surgeon or anesthetist on a procedure
  • Changing the role or category of existing personnel other than the PI
  • Updating the qualifications for existing personnel
  • Changing the BA
  • Adding, removing, or changing funding
  • Decreasing animal numbers
  • Adding or removing personnel from procedures, other than someone listed as a surgeon or anesthetist
  • Correcting typographical or grammatical errors

Please see the IACUC policy on “Protocol Review” on the Guidelines and Policies page of the website for more detailed information concerning the review of protocol submissions.


Please note that all renewals must be approved prior to the protocol expiration date.  It is recommended that, at a minimum, 3-Year Renewals be submitted 12 weeks prior to the triennial expiration date and Continuing Reviews for USDA-regulated species be submitted 3 weeks prior to the annual expiration date.


Federal regulations and policies DO NOT permit "grace periods", "extensions," or "expedited reviews" for IACUC renewals.  No animal use may be performed on an expired protocol.


IACUC meetings are routinely scheduled for the 4th Tuesday of the month, except for holiday conflicts.  As stated, the submission deadline for the month's meeting is one week prior to the meeting if the submission is called for FCR.














 19 26 17 24 16 23
 23 21 28 20 27
 March 14
 21* 21 28 20 27
 26 18 25 17 24
 May 17
 24 16 23 15 22
 June 21
 28 20 27 19 26
 July 19
 26 18 25 17 24
 23 15 22 21 28
 27 19 26 18 25
 October 18
 25 17 24 16 23
 November 8
 15* 7 14* 20 27*
 December 13
 20* 19 26* 18 25*

  *Meeting will be held off schedule due to conflict or holiday. 

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Penn IACUC Semiannual Inspections 


Animal Welfare Regulations Sec. 2.31 states that the IACUC shall (1) review, at least once every six months, the research facility's program for humane care and use of animals and (2) inspect, at least once every six months, all of the research facility's animal facilities, including animal study areas.  The IACUC will then (3) prepare reports of its evaluations conducted as required and submit the reports to the Institutional Official of the research facility. 


Public Health Service Policy on the Humane Care and Use of Laboratory Animals Sec. IV.B. states that the IACUC shall (1) review, at least once every six months, the research facility's program for humane care and use of animals using the Guide as a basis of evaluation and (2) inspect, at least once every six months, all of the research facility's animal facilities (including satellite facilities) using the Guide as a basis of evaluation.  The IACUC will then (3) prepare reports of its evaluations conducted as required and submit the reports to the Institutional Official of the research facility.



Tentative Inspection Weeks*The Penn IACUC semiannual inspections occur every 6 months; typically at the end of April and the end of October, as outlined below.



 Tentative Dates 

 Fall 2014 
 October 13 - November 7
 Spring 2015  April 20 - May 1
 Fall 2015  
 October 12 - November 6
 Spring 2016  April 4 - April 29
 Fall 2016  October 10 - November 4
 Spring 2017  April 3 - April 27


* Dates and times of inspections are dependent upon the availability of the Committee members. Several labs and facilities may be included on an IACUC semiannual inspection; the Office of Animal Welfare (OAW) will notify these areas in advance of the date of the inspection. 




Penn Inspection Procedures 


Inspection Times: To ensure all inspections can be completed within a reasonable time frame in compliance with federal requirements, the IACUC may be visiting several laboratories and animal facilities on the same day. The time indicated on the notification memo is the start time for that inspection “group”, which could last for several hours; therefore, the OAW and inspectors are not able to predict the exact time that you will be visited on the inspection day.   


Facility/Lab Access: The IACUC inspectors must be able to have access to all the rooms in the area that are used for animal work (e.g. housing, procedures, and surgery).  Failure to do so may result in a deficiency. In order to ensure a productive inspection, the presence of yourself or someone familiar with the animal work is encouraged, but not required. 


Inspection Follow-up: The OAW will generate letters to be sent to the appropriate parties when minor or significant items were identified by the IACUC.  These letters will detail the IACUC’s findings as well as provide a time frame by which the deficiency should be corrected. The responsible parties will be sent this notification via email and then intramural mail.   The Animal Welfare Compliance staff will conduct unannounced follow-up inspections of the areas in which deficiencies were identified to ensure appropriate corrections have been made.  If deficiencies have not been corrected as required, the responsible individual(s) will be contacted to provide an updated correction plan.



 What to expect during an inspection

The purpose of the semiannual inspections is to evaluate the animal care and use facilities and ensure compliance with federal (Animal Welfare Regulations, PHS Policy, the Guide) as well as institutional policies.  The IACUC will visit animal housing facilities, as well as labs and sites approved for satellite housing, surgery and other procedures.  The four main categories of the Guide used to evaluate these areas include:


  • Institutional Polices and Responsibilities
  • Animal Environment, Housing and Management
  • Veterinary Medical Care
  • Physical Plant 


The IACUC cannot provide you with a complete list of every specific type of deficiency which may be encountered.  The following links provide some guidance as to the general areas and items which are commonly assessed by the IACUC during inspections. 

  1. What the IACUC is looking for during inspections


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