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Sponsored Projects Cost Share Form Instructions


The Sponsored Projects Cost Share Form (cost share form) is required to be completed and submitted with each proposal that includes proposed cost sharing. A revised cost share form is required at the time of an award if there is a change in the type or amount of cost share from the proposed cost share.

  1. Proposed/Awarded - Check the appropriate box to indicate whether the form is submitted at the time of proposal or award.

  2. Voluntary Committed or Mandatory - Check the type of cost sharing as defined in Sponsored Projects Policy # 2119.

  3. Fund #/Related Fund #'s - If cost share is related to an existing award or if there are subawards, indicate fund number.

  4. Account Start/Current Budget End Date/Account End Date - Indicate appropriate dates if award information is available.

  5. PI Name - Name of Principal Investigator
  1. Responsible Org - Organization number and description
  1. School/Center - School or Center name
  1. Project Title - Same as title of proposal or award
  1. Sponsor Reference # - Sponsor's Award number
  1. Cost Share Breakdown - In the first section list those cost share components for which a separate fund will be set up. Individual items are to be listed with a description and complete account number of the funding source. In the second cost share breakdown section list those cost share components that do not require a separate fund.
  1. Signatures - Signature of Principal Investigator, Business Administrator, Department Chairman and Dean or representative are required.


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