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Following are Reference Materials available for PennERA Proposal Development.

A Simplified Proposal Approval Process (changes to PD routing & approval) - NEW

Converting to NIH Forms-E -- Quick Reference Guide - NEW

NIH Forms-E Human Subjects & Clinical Trials Info – Quick Reference GuideNEW

Subcontract Budget Entry with 424 Budgeting

Creating and Evaluating S25 Records to Meet Sponsor-Mandated Budget Limits

Proposal Mechanisms for System-to-System (S2S) submission

Proposal Development User's Guide

Quick Reference Guides:

Clearing Browser cache for Windows Browsers

Clearing Browser cache for iOS Browsers

Profile Updates in PennERA


Using S25 for NSF Proposals

Child Submission Records (non-competing and supplemental submissions)

Using PD to Request Parallel Review of Corporate Contracts
Using PD for Clinical Trials Submission
Using PD for Sponsored Research Agreements
424 Budgeting Quick Reference Guide
Investigator Reference
Reviewer & Approver Reference Guide - NEW
Generic Sponsor Form Reference Guide
NIH Career Development Award (K-Mechanisms) Proposal Guide
Uploading Files to PennERA Proposals

Entering Genomic Array Expense to Proposal Budgets

Subcontract Import

Subcontract Export

Proposals Upgrade Demo Session Handout

Proposal Development Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Proposal Development Personnel Changes
Solutions to Common PD Questions
NSF System-to-System (S25) FAQs

PennERA Module Access Request Form

NIH PHS398 Form (face) Page 1 template

Enhancement Requests


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