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PennERA Proposal Development Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Answer:  Go to the PennERA website https://www.pennera.upenn.edu/, click on PennERA Proposals and Awards and then select Proposal Development and Reference Materials. After authenticating with you PennKey and password, the first item listed on the page is the Proposal Development Training Guide

Answer:  Select the Setup Questions tab in the proposal and then in General Proposal Properties section of the screen, click on the Add link just to the right of Associated Departments. This will launch a “Departments” window. In this new window, choose the desired ORG value from the list of values pull-down just under the alphabetic split. When the ORG value you want is highlighted, click the Select button at the top right of the window.

This will return you to the Setup Questions screen and the ORG value with description will have been added to the list of Associated Departments for this proposal. If you want this newly added value to be the Prime Associated Department, click the Prime radio button to the right of the ORG description. Next click the Save icon in the upper left corner of the screen. The screen will refresh as it saves and the new ORG will now be listed first in the list with Prime radio button selected.

The original ORG value can remain in the list of Associated Departments if appropriate or by clicking the Remove icon, the old ORG can be removed from the list of Associated Departments for this proposal.

Answer:  There is no one correct answer to this question. Different organizations within the University do business in different ways. What works best in one organization may not be the best choice for another. If your School/Center has given instructions that the proposal create step should be done by an individual with a specific role (for example the PI or the BA), please follow those instructions.

The most important point is that regardless of whether the original proposal record is created by the PI or by staff, communications between those involved is essential. All those involved in the proposal process in your area should understand who will create the record and when it then is available. The individual who does create the original proposal record, should be sure that both the PI and the Primary Associated Department are assigned correctly to the record. This helps ensure that the appropriate secured access is available to those who need it.

Answer:  If you do not have a PennKey, or if you have a PennKey but forgot your password, go to the PennKey web site for more information at http://www.upenn.edu/computing/pennkey/. If you have any trouble with the PennKey process, contact your Local Support Provider. For a contact list, go to http://www.upenn.edu/computing/view/support/.

Answer:  The proposal can be downloaded (or viewed or printed in its entirety) only after all the Tabs on the proposal have been completed and on the Finalize screen, the pdf for each of the Form Pages has been built and the Assemble Application has been completed.

On the Finalize screen, go to the Submit for Internal Review section. Under the Components for Initial Application subsection, Proposal is listed. On the Proposal line, click on the “View” icon for the Completed Form, it will launch a window containing a pdf rendering of the entire proposal. The proposal pdf can then be saved, printed or viewed by selecting the corresponding Adobe Acrobat/Reader icons (diskette, printer or page navigation arrows) from the window’s toolbar.

Answer:  By contacting the central or tier 2 PennERA End User Support group using the web form on the PennERA website (accessed through the Help page at http://project.pennera.upenn.edu/help.asp), the Support icon in the PennERA application or via email (pennerahelp@pobox.upenn.edu) and describing the situation and the proposal and Department in question. Module Administrators can then bypass the Department Chair approval step for this proposal, moving it forward in the approval process. Each School/Center will need to decide if, in their view, the proposal should be approved and move on to Research Services and eventual submission prior to obtaining the Department Chair’s approval.

Answer:  Select the Setup Questions tab in the proposal and then in the Submission Mechanism/Form Information section, be sure that the correct proposal mechanism appears under Select Mechanism. If not, choose the appropriate proposal mechanism from the Select Mechanism list-of values pull-down. When the correct proposal mechanism has been selected, click the Get Opportunity Number link just below the mechanism value. This will launch the “Get Opportunity Number” window from which the correct funding opportunity can be chosen by checking the box to the left of the appropriate opportunity listing and clicking the Select button in the upper right of the window.

The Setup Questions screen will refresh with the new Program/Opportunity Number, along with the accompanying submission and validation information throughout the screen.

It would be prudent to review the entire PD proposal for possible impact to each section that changing the Program Announcement/funding opportunity could have to data validations and enforcement of sponsor/mechanism rules.

Answer:  The up-to-date list of sponsors and mechanisms for which PennERA Proposal Development (PD) can currently be used is always available on the PennERA web site at http://project.pennera.upenn.edu/project/current_phase/PDfundingopps.pdf

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