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Getting Started

Sponsored Programs Handbook

Initiating the Award
Awards and the Account Information Sheet (AIS)
Notices of Award
The Subcontract Process
Business Administrator and PI Responsibilities
Cost Sharing Procedures
Sponsor Sheets

During the Life of the Award

General Award Administration
Managing Sponsored Projects, A Quick Guide for Faculty


Cost Principles, OMB Circular A-21
Uniform Administrative Requirements, OMB Circular A-110
Agency Regulations
Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP)

Accounting Procedures for Non-Federal Sponsors
Cost Sharing Procedures
Cost Transfers
Direct Costs
Electronic Submissions and
Employee Benefit Rates/Facilities and Administrative Rates
Project Changes
NIH Salary Limitations/Caps
Salary Cap Cost Sharing Estimator (Please note that this is an Excel file which requires that your access in Excel is set to allow/enable macros. Please see your local computer administrator for further assistance.)
Service Centers and Recharge Centers
Sponsor Sheets

Site Visits and Audits:

Project Site Visits
Audits (OMB Circular A-133)


BEN Reports (GRAM)
Effort Reports
Effort Reporting Procedures
Financial Reporting
Project Reporting

As the Project Ends

Closing the Project
Agency Regulations
Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP)


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