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  • Starting in July authorized users will be required to process all Grant & Contract cost transfers within the BEN Journal Entry – G & C Cost Transfers responsibility under the two new categories:
  • 15 G & C UN90 are for cost transfers that are within 90 days of the month end of the original transaction date.  Please note:  G&C Cost Transfer journals in this category will post nightly.
  • 16  G& C OV90 are for cost transfers that exceed 90 days of the month end of the original transaction date.  Please note:  ORS review and approval will be required for this category prior to posting.

Training will be required for access to the new Journal Entry – General G & C Cost Transfers responsibility.  Training for this new responsibility will be web-based an made available in Knowledge Link on June 7, 2010.  If the training is completed by June 29, 2010, an existing Journal Entry – General user will be automatically be granted access to this new responsibility on July 1, 2010.  If, however, training is not completed by this date, existing Journal Entry – General users will be required to complete both the on-line training and a logon access form in order to receive access to the new responsibility. 

New users would need to complete the appropriate BEN Financials Manual Journal Entry training.  

To access the training courses:

  • Go to Knowledge Link at
  • Authenticate with your PennKey and PennKey password
  • Type ‘Cost Transfers’ in the search box beneath the menu
  • Locate the course titled BEN Balances: Journal Entry - Grant & Contract Cost Transfers
  • Click on the icon under the Enrollment column
  • Click on [Enroll]
  • Click on [Start] to begin the course 

It is anticipated that it will take approximately one hour to complete both the Knowledge Building and Application courses.

You do not have to complete the course at one sitting; you may stop at any time and resume later.  When you return, log in again as above and click on [Start].  You will have the option to resume where you left off or start from the beginning.

If you any issues with the either of the training courses, please contact Financial Training at  
Thank you,
Office of Research Services


For questions email Tina Nemetz at



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