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Effort Reporting


Key Points in Effort Reporting

ERS Calendar

Policies and Procedures

        Sponsored Projects Policy No. 2113 Cost Transfers and Payroll Reallocations

        Sponsored Projects Policy No. 2114 Effort Reporting

        Sponsored Projects Handbook, Chapter 10 Effort Reporting

        TUTORIAL Sponsored Projects Effort Reporting Presentation
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Course Title: SPCCP- Effort Reporting-- ORS

        Memorandum regarding Mandatory Effort Reporting Training

        Office of Management and Budget Circular A-21 (See Section J. 10)

        Memo, Standardized Time Report Form for Temporary Hourly Employees, 9/28/05
Penn Temporary Hourly Time Reporting Form

Effort Reporting System (ERS)

        ERS Flow Chart

        ERS User Guide

        ERS Access Form

        Role of the Departmental Coordinator

        Role of the Pre and Post Reviewer

        Certifier Instructions

        Quick Reference Guide for Certifiers

        Quick Reference Guide for the DC, Pre/Post Reviewer

        DC Names with Corresponding ORG

        ERS Reminders

        Effort Reporting Form and Instructions

        Frequently Asked Questions

        Salary Cap Cost Sharing Estimator

        Sponsored Projects Effort Reporting Presentation

        Payroll Closing Schedule




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