Export Control Laws

Export control laws are federal regulations that govern how certain information, technologies, and commodities can be transmitted overseas to anyone, including U.S. citizens, or to a foreign national on U.S. soil. These laws have the potential of impacting most of the research conducted at the University of Pennsylvania. This is true for the research whether the source of funding is a federal grant, industrial agreement, fellowship or other type of research proposal. It is critical for faculty and other researchers to understand their obligations under the Export control laws. Failure to comply with these laws can result in severe consequences for the University of Pennsylvania as well as the individual researchers, such as fines and imprisonment. This website is designed to assist faculty and staff in the understanding of Export control laws and guide them as to what steps should be taken to ensure that research proposals are reviewed to ensure compliance. Please review these materials and contact ORS if you have any questions.

Letter from Senior Administrators on Export Control Laws
A letter from the Vice Provost for Research and Senior Vice President and General Counsel.

Summary of Export Control Laws
General summary of Export Control Laws

ORS Tutorial and FAQs
PowerPoint Tutorial on Export Control Laws and helpful FAQs.

ORS Policies and Forms
ORS Forms to be used in the submission of Research Proposals implicated by Export Control Laws.

Decision Tree
Does your research proposal require detailed review for compliance with Export Control Law?

Lists of Controlled Technologies

Lists of specific technologies subject to Export Control Laws, including the Commerce Control List and Munitions Control List. Investigators should review specific technologies to determine if such technologies are being used in their research.

Lists of Countries

Export Controlled, Embargoed Countries or Countries otherwise subject to Export Control Laws.

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