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A133 Report, University of Pennsylvania, 2006
A133 Report, University of Pennsylvania, 2005
A133 Report, University of Pennsylvania, 2004
Allowability Panel Announcement
Clinical Trial Conflict of Interest
Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) Numbers
Council On Governmental Relations (COGR)
COGR-Managing Externally Funded Programs at Colleges and Universities

Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)
Cost Sharing Procedures
Employee Benefit Rates|
Electronic Submissions and
Facilities and Administrative Rates
Federal Aquisition Register (FAR)
Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP)
Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP)- Terms and Conditions
Federal Per Diem Rates-US
Federal Per Diem Rates-International
Human and Animal Guidelines
Managing Sponsored Projects: A Quick Guide for Faculty
National Council for University Research Administrators (NCURA)
NIH -Calculating Person Months FAQ or Calculator (Interactive Conversion Table)
NIH Salary Limitations/Caps
Penn Offices related to Research Administration
Project Changes and Required Approvals
Project Closeout Procedures

OMB Circulars
Society of Research Administrators (SRA)
Sponsors' Policies
Sponsor Sheets
University of Pennsylvania, 10 Year Award History/Details (by School) - Total Awards or Total Expenditures


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