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Since the academic/non-profit external parties are providing their materials to Penn, they will want to use their standard Material Transfer Agreement (MTA).  In this situation, please submit the academic/non-profit external party’s MTA to the Office of Research Services (ORS) for processing.  The Administrator will review the external party’s MTA and decide if ORS can accept the MTA in its current state, or if the MTA should be further reviewed by an MTA negotiator for possible changes and negotiation.

Please do not execute (sign and date) the academic/non-profit external party’s MTA or mark it in any manner before submitting it to ORS for processing.  Please obtain a Word document copy of the external party’s MTA to submit to ORS.  Also, please provide the contact information (name and email address) of the external party’s representative who can receive and review the changes made to the MTA.  This information will help ensure an efficient review and negotiation process by the ORS staff, as well as expedite the transfer of materials.

On rare occasions, the academic/non-profit external party will not have an MTA to send to Penn.  In this situation, ORS provides such an MTA to be sent to the academic/non-profit external party for their review and possible negotiation.  You can find this MTA on our website under the Academic/Non-Profit – Receiving section.


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