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Sponsored Project Accounts Receivables at Penn

This page has been established to share important information related to the billing process for sponsored projects research at the University of Pennsylvania. 

Grant Revenue and Receivable Narrative: Sponsored Projects Revenue and Receivables Process FY19

Data Warehouse Reports : These reports contain summary and detailed information and balances related to Billed, Unbilled and Deferred revenue totals posted to 5-funds at the University of Penn.  These reports are can be run by any user with access to the Finquery Universe of the data warehouse and are available in the Public Folders: Accounts Receivables Webi Reports.docx

Accounts Receivable Process Flow Documents:  Process flow of generate revenue and accounts receivable activity for different type of billing at the University of Penn:

Accounts Receivable Process Flow

GMS BBR Invoicing Workflow.pdf

General Information Related to Invoicing: Sponsored Projects Policy related to the Billing Processes. 

Additional Notes related to Accounts Receivables.

Notifying ORS when an invoice has been submitted by the resp org / department of a 5-FUND :
Sponsored Project Invoicing.docx

Accounts Receivables Collections:
To request that someone to contact a sponsor regarding an unpaid invoice/ open receivable please contact ORS or ORSS (contact information displayed below)

Contact Information ORS:  For Non- PSOM

Keith Dixon

Contact Information ORSS: for PSOM

Danielle DiIanni

Sponsors Funding PSOM Projects that ORS is still responsible for Collection Efforts (Gokila will contact the sponsor, not Danielle)
- Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
- Fox Chase Cancer Center
- School District of Philadelphia
- National Space Biomedical Research


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