• Penn Electric Racing Powers Up

    Penn Electric Racing Powers Up

    A group of about 40 graduate and undergraduate students from the School of Arts and Sciences, Penn Engineering and Wharton, is preparing to show the world what they have been working on for the last five years: an all-electric race car.

  • Penn GSE Helps Rebuild Haiti’s Education System

    Penn GSE Helps Rebuild Haiti’s Education System

    It has been one year since a devastating earthquake hit the island nation of Haiti, and Sharon Ravitch, a senior lecturer in Penn’s Graduate School of Education is helping the country rebuild its education system from the ground up.

  • Construction with Quadrotors

    Construction with Quadrotors

    Robots already build cars, sort mail and clean homes, but when you add four helicopter rotors to one, things start getting really interesting.

  • Penn Science Cafe

    Penn Science Cafe

    If the popularity of the prime-time sitcom “The Big Bang Theory” or the number of television programs produced in the Star Trek franchise (6!) says anything about popular culture, it's that science is not necessarily the enemy of fun.

  • Welcome Back to Penn

    Welcome Back to Penn

    With classes resuming on Wednesday, January 12, Penn welcomes its students back to campus this week following the winter break.