• Replicating the Sense of Touch

    Replicating the Sense of Touch

    Haptics is a field of engineering that is focused on replicating the sense of touch. Simulating the feeling of a surface could make for more immersive entertainment, more edifying educational tools, or more realistic training devices.

  • Is America Broken?

    Is America Broken?

    At the 2012 David and Lyn Silfen University Forum, Penn President Amy Gutmann led a lively and far-reaching conversation with a panel of political experts that touched on unemployment, national healthcare policy, campaign finance reform, and the seemingly irreparable political polarization of American voters.

  • Penn Museum Helps Put An Irish Murder Mystery To Rest

    Penn Museum Helps Put An Irish Murder Mystery To Rest

    Fifty-seven Irish workers set sail for the United States in April of 1832 to work at Duffy’s Cut, a Pennsylvania Railroad construction site in Malvern, a city about 20 miles outside of Philadelphia. The workers arrived in Philadelphia in June.

  • Studying Behavior in Penn’s Semi-Feral Horse Herd

    Studying Behavior in Penn’s Semi-Feral Horse Herd

    On 40 acres of Chester County, Pennsylvania’s lush pasture land, close to 90 ponies roam relatively free of human interference. Their social interactions, reproductive behavior, and physical well-being give researchers like Sue McDonnell, founding head of the Equine Behavior Program at Penn’s School of Veterinary Medicine, a window into the lives of horses in a near-natural state.

  • A Father’s Dream Fulfilled

    A Father’s Dream Fulfilled

    Penny Metchev has told the story many times before and on the surface it is primarily about her father. But as the Wharton and College senior prepares to enter her final semester as a Penn World Scholar, Metchev says she has come to realize that she will be the one to write the final chapter.