• That’s the Way it Was

    That’s the Way it Was

    In the “Golden Age” of broadcast television, CBS Evening News Anchor Walter Cronkite was called the most trusted man in America. When he signed off with his signature line “That’s the way it is,” that’s the way it was.

  • Raymond Perelman receives Penn Medal for Distinguished Achievement

    Raymond Perelman receives Penn Medal for Distinguished Achievement

    Penn President Amy Gutmann presented the University of Pennsylvania Medal for Distinguished Achievement to prominent Philadelphia philanthropist Raymond Perelman at an event Wednesday evening celebrating the naming of the Raymond and Ruth Perelman School of Medicine.

  • Art on Wheels

    Art on Wheels

    In his new book, On Wings of Diesel, Jamal Elias, professor of Religious Studies, takes readers on journey through the world of Pakistani truck decoration.

  • Ethically Impossible

    Ethically Impossible

    The Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues, chaired by Penn President Amy Gutmann, has completed the first phase of an important study on U.S.-funded research conducted in the 1940s in Guatemala that involved intentionally exposing and infecting vulnerable populations to sexually transmitted diseases without the subjects' consent.

  • Penn Park Opens

    Penn Park Opens

    Neither gray skies nor a blustery cold front could cloud the sunny smiles or curb the enthusiasm of those who came out to enjoy the opening of Penn Park. In fact, a rainbow crowned the closing of the event.