Penn's Stepping Up

In grateful recognition of the 103,000 donors who "stepped up" in support of Penn's Making History campaign in 2009 and 2010, the student a cappella group known as the Penny Loafers created a musical tribute to the University, starring a cast of alumni, faculty, staff, students and friends.

Generous alumni and friends have committed $2.9 billion to Penn as part of the Making History campaign, which has a 2012 goal of $3.5 billion. The campaign supports Penn's core priorities of increasing access, integrating knowledge, and engaging locally and globally, with special emphasis given to undergraduate financial aid, recruitment of outstanding faculty members, and further development of a vibrant, sustainable campus community, with sophisticated new buildings for research, teaching and student life. "The ongoing success of the Making History campaign," says Penn President Amy Gutmann, "is an inspiring testament to the confidence that Penn alumni have in the bright future of their alma mater."

Text by Tanya Barrientos