A Sky View of Penn’s Vibrant Urban Campus

A bird’s-eye view of Penn’s campus provides a unique perspective on some of the University’s iconic structures, such as Huntsman Hall, Franklin Field, and the brick pathways that lace College Green.

Penn’s beautiful urban campus stretches from Penn Park to 40th Street, and is open to all. Committed to sustainability and urban green space, the University plans to add more than 1,700 trees to campus by 2015. More than 500 have already been planted throughout Penn Park.

The Park has increased the University’s green space by 20 percent. It also has created a new gateway uniting West Philadelphia with Center City.

As President Amy Gutmann said in September, during the park’s grand opening: “Penn Park marks the first time that the University has, by design, developed open space for the use of the Penn community and beyond.”

For additional information on Penn’s greening initiatives visit the Penn Green Campus Partnership website.


Text by Julie McWilliams

Video by Kurtis Sensenig