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Dialing Instructions

Penn Police 511; 8-7297
Victim Support: 8-6600; or 8-4481
On Campus
417 exchange: Dial 7 + last four digits of telephone number
898 exchange: Dial 8 + last four digits of telephone number
746 exchange: Dial 6 + last four digits of telephone number
573 exchange: Dial 3 + last four digits of telephone number
University Operator: 8-5000
University Hospital: 9-215-662-4000
Local Philadelphia
215, 267, 484, 610 area codes: Dial 9 + area code + local number
(Note: A few areas within these exchanges are long distance rather than local.)

Wall-jack Plug-in Instructions

Before you make a telephone call, you must plug your touch-tone phone into a wall-jack. Please note that if your phone has a switch that allows you to dial in either a "pulse" or "tone" mode, make sure that switch is set to "tone."

Wall-jacks vary from residence to residence. Yours may look like the diagram below (with phone ports, data ports, and a cable tv jack) or your wall-jack might be a simple, single jack for a phone line only.

To determine which phone port is the active port, try the beige port first. If that port does not have dial-tone, try all other ports on the wall-jack. If none of the phone ports works, contact STS to report a service outage.


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