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Standard Features

Standard line features are included with basic telephone service. For feature descriptions and instructions for use, see the individual feature in the list below.

Call Forwarding
Going to be away from your room for a while? Call Forwarding lets your phone ring at any other on-campus extension. To use, simply dial "216" after picking up your receiver. When you hear a stuttered tone, dial the 5-digit campus extension at which you want your calls to ring, then hang up. That's it! Warning: Don't forget to deactivate Call Forwarding when you return to your room. To deactivate, simply pick up your receiver and dial "217."

Call Transfer
Got a call that needs to be transferred somewhere else on campus? Use Call Transfer! Stay on the line with the person who called you, then briefly press the switch-hook to get a new dial tone. Dial the number to where you are transferring the call. While the line is ringing, you can either hang up, or announce the call when the third party answers.

Caller ID
You will need to have a telephone that provides Caller ID to use this feature.

To prevent your telephone number from appearing on a Caller ID display, simply dial "267" after picking up your receiver, then dial the number. There is no charge for this.

Three-way Calling
Talk to two people at the same time! How? Simply make your first call. Once you're connected, put the first call on hold by briefly pressing the switch-hook. When you hear a stuttered new dial tone, place your second call. When the second call connects, briefly press the switch-hook once again, and you have a three-way call! Three-way calling will work for long-distance calls too!


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