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Report a Problem

Thank you for taking the time to report your phone line problem. It's important to us that we quickly resolve your difficulty, so please read the following troubleshooting tips carefully.

IF you have no dial tone...

  1. Make sure your phone is plugged into the correct phone jack -- the phone jack often has a blue icon above it on the wall-jack.
  2. Try another telephone in your phone jack to see if your telephone is malfunctioning. Or, try your telephone in a working phone jack in a neighboring room.
  3. If you're using a cordless telephone, make sure that your battery is charged up and that your phone is also plugged into a power outlet. If you're not sure whether your battery is charged, try a standard phone in your outlet.
  4. Be sure that your phone is plugged into your room's ResNet outlet. Some campus locations -- especially in Sansom Commons -- have outmoded telephone jacks that were never removed. The correct outlet will also have a place for ethernet and cable connections.

IF you have dial tone and can make calls, but you don't seem to be able to receive calls...

  1. Check to see that the telephone's ringer is turned on.

If these tips don't help you resolve your problem, Click the link above. Describe the problem you are having in the email.

Please send all trouble reports to

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